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  1. I have got this up and running on a Compact IV. Not sure that it offers much of use so far though, as it isn't really UK Friendly. Might be of some use to our friends across the pond though.
  2. I take it by this, you mean that you are supposed to have full access to HSDPA speeds.. What does your account show on MyTMobile, do you have the WnW+ activated? or are you supposed to get the speeds on a WnW standard access? .. edit, Nevemind you answered that about 2 posts later :D
  3. nearly.... Is the conection symbol (H 3G or G) truly indicative of the connection attained? I get a H (most of the time) but the download sppeds are much below what I would expect... Do i need to travel around the country to find out what i'm really getting :D
  4. Not sure I agree now either, T-Mobiles site is very secretive in telling you what you have. I know for sure I have the "H" symbol, that indicates the HSDPA, but my download speeds are nowhere near those I would expect for full speed HSDPA (i get about 195kbit/s). I also know that WnW+ is not ticked on by billing options in MyTMobile. It will cost me £5 to tick the box and see if there is any real differences where I live...
  5. She is wrong (the gurl in the shop). If you don't currently have HSDPA enabled on your account, you won't if you run a diamond on the same account. (at least I don't). You would have to wangle an upgrade to WnW plus, or stump up the £5 a month and add it to your account (DIY on the web now :D)
  6. My compact doesn't do this. Not that I'm bothered though, I always hated the voice dialer thing.
  7. Couple of questions, Digging around on ALK's site, there seems to be a couple of versions of 7. There seems to be one quoted expsecially for the HTC Diamond, then a generic Win Mob version. Anyone know if there is a difference between these tw versions, and indeed the version preinstalled on the compact iv? Also, If i choose to activate the bundled version, do I get access to an installable version, as If I flash a new ROM later, I would still like to have the Software.
  8. The size of the thing and the quality of the screen make all the little foibles worth while. It's been a while since I had a phone that was comfortable in a pocket, I have one again. I think a tasks view is sadly lacking, and a calander app that is not the horrid WM one, would be nice. I've put SecondToday on mine and run PocketBreeze, so the info is once again readily at hand and presented however I choose. As to performance, I'm not really sure what people are complaining about. I have the 'X' button configured to close rather than minimise, and performance is still pretty good, even with no tweaks or ROMs applied. Battery life is poor, but I'll live with that, knowing that I have plenty of available charge points in my life, and that if I switch the thing off it charges up quickly. For me, best of the 3 WM phones I have owned so far.
  9. I nearly sent my compact iv back because of this, I could use TF3D or PocketBreeze (my favourite today plugin). But then I found SecondToday, and I can now swith between the two with two taps. Still not on the TF3D home screen where it should be, but it makes the thing useful as the Vario 2 with PointUI and PocketBreeze.
  10. I'm a big fan of pocketbreeze. Having easy access to calender and lists of notes and task I find essential. I've had it on my m500 for ages and once my number is Pac'd to vario 2, it will be installed on there instead.
  11. must have been the other party. Even land lines hang up now (unless you found an analogue connection somewhere).
  12. I went into the orange shop last saturday and asked about an upgrade to the m3100 (for m500). I was quoted
  13. double tap the shift key acts as a shift lock.
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