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  1. Backup and sync your M500 via ActiveSync. Download and install PHM Registry Editor from: http://www.phm.lu/Products/PocketPC/RegEdit/ for the Orange M500 select the Pocket PC 2002,2003 (APM/PXA) download, it couldn't get in to work from the Desktop installer. This will download a file called "regedit.Mrln_ARM.CAB", copy this to your M500. Have you backed up and sunc'd your M500 ? On the M500 find and click on the file from 'File Explorer', this will install PHM Registry Editor. Have you really backed up and sync'd your M500 ? Fire up PHM RegEdit (which will now be in your Programs menu). Navigate to the key specificed before: /HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/OEM/VoiceCommand and change the path specified to something that does not exist (suggest prepending it with 'No') Carlos Disclaimers: I am only suggesting PHM Registry Editor because it is the only one I've used on a PocketPC. Registry editing can mess things up completely, be careful out there, don't change things at random !
  2. If you don't fancy the Hard Reset trick (my nevers arn't up to it at the moment), the following spell will disable the anonying Fonix and allow you to re-assign Key 4... Using your favourite registry editor, such as PHM Registry Editor change the key \HKLM\SOFTWARE\OEM\VoiceCommand from \Windows\VoiceDial.exe to \Windows\NoVoiceDial.exe Half expected this to just disable Fonix, but it also frees Key 4 - oh happy day 8) 8) Carlos
  3. I have the same problem with my M500, but I also get it with my Dell Axim X30 running Windows Moble 2003 SE. I had it down as s/w, or perhaps its a side effect of something I've installed on both ?? Carlos
  4. Found claims of M500 protectors while looking myself, not tried any yet, Orange M500 protectors: http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/ # shed load of accesories ! http://www.datakits.co.uk/ # Insanely cheap stuff (like car charger @ £ 1.49, maybe they'll throw the goods in free with the postage !!) Carlos PS. I have no connecton with the above, and have not sampled their goods.
  5. Great, that worked a treat. Had tried searching the reg. for a key, but drew a blank with it not already existing. I now know I'm getting through to people without the aid of a sledge hammer ! Cheers Carlos
  6. This is on an Orange SPV M500. I know you can request a delivery report for an individual Text Message from the options menu when editing the message, but is there a way to make delivery reports the default for all Text Messages ? Just like to know I'm getting through to people ! Carlos
  7. I downloaded the version 0.70 CAB for "Pocket PC 2002,2003 (ARM/PXA)', copied it to my M500, clicked on it, and it installed and works fine. Carlos
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