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  1. judging from the price of the insurance i would ask are you buying the phone from phones4u? if so then you have 14 days to decide if you like the phone/contract, even on a t-mobile phone. i think they are the only major retailer that offer that on t-mobile contracts. and a quick ps. the insurance with 4u is very good indeed expensive but very comprehensive!
  2. Thats ttrue there is the 2GB cap, but they say that they will fire warning shots rather than limit you or cut you off! I have actually signed up for the unlimited package without caps, its a tenner a month so its not too bad, and i get another modem so i can get rid of mine on ebay :)
  3. I have been playing with one of these recently at work, it is pretty decent to be honest - not somethingi thought i would say about an LG!! Menu's are all pretty simple, buttons work well, and camera is decent. And the games are good as well :) All in all, a good fun phone and a decent gadget to play with!
  4. granted its not huge but its better than nothing, and down here were i live we dont get a gprs signal for t-mobile so its no good me having unlimted usage if i cant use any of it at all :) And to be honest, i wont be using it for gprs anyway as 3G isnt great in my town on orange, wi-fi however is a much better idea, but ?250-300 on ebay is nice as well ;-)
  5. i was on the phone today to a lovely lady at OCS who dealt mainly in other departments but seemed to know her beans so after 30 minutes of talking her about work stuff i thought i would try my luck at seeing what deal i could get out of her as far as my upgrade/retention deal would go....... after a long chat later i have finally agreed to an SPV M5000 on flext 50 with 20mb of free GPRS as well, to say i was fairly happy would be a huge understatement!!! In my line of work i talk to orange retentions fairly often and they have been the easiest to get PAC codes off, so i was dead chuffed when i finally got to talk to someone very helpful! perhaps orange does still have some saving graces :-)
  6. well having just had a real long chat with my new favourite lady at orange i have just been offered a M5000 as an upgrade, she seemed pretty confident that they wouldnt be going out of stock any time soon!
  7. to be fair tho, you pay for your car insurance in the same way with a premium and an excess and if you cane through your cars in such a manor i would be very suprised!
  8. I bought my spare one off of ebay for ?40, if it was from you then cheers muchly!
  9. No worries, I hope you like it as much as i liked mine!!! P.s If you would have got it from me i would have given you ?100 in your sky roket! :D
  10. the t-mobile version is still butchered a bit but its quicker than the orange version, and it still has plenty to keep you amused! :)
  11. I will play with one tomorrow and let you know!
  12. I think i would go for my 7610 It was such a breath of fresh air compared to the awful 7600 and it just worked so darned well! Simplicity, ease of use and a awesome(for the time) 1MP camera! I coould hamer away at texting like a pro and it just did everything i needed quickly unlike the newer series 60 phones which seem to suffer from a lag on the button press' :)
  13. leaving aside the fact you will be in venice you jammy buggar! i wouldnt personally go for a 6280, sure its ok but its not going to keep you very happy!!! I have sold dozens of them in the last few months and i am always a bit sad when someone wants one, IMHO i dont think they are a patch on the N70 in quality or ease of use and they just seem to be so much more prone to breaking down! I would look carefully at other options from t-mobile if i were you!
  14. lets just say it isnt all that cheap! But most times you can sell them on ebay and make yourself a few quid to pay off the contracts. Before i started in the shop i was on O2 payg spending about ?15-20/mth, not i have 5 contracts and the minimum it can be is about ?120/mth, with it normally getting up to about ?150ish :D worst thing is, i am about average inmy sphop, i have known people with 9 contracts at work!!!!
  15. Oh the joys of working in phone shops! :D I have gone through 6 since august last year!!! wifey doesnt think i am obsessive, just a flippin fool LOL
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