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  1. i called orange and got a retention deal for a Galaxy SII. i was on a £25 p/m, 200min, unlimited txt and 500mb data deal. i was offered by the first woman i spoke to the same £25p/m but with 300min and the phone for £139. I then mentioned the O2 deal where its £21.50 p/m, 100min, 500 txt, and 500mb with the phone working out at £56 including Quidco cashback. The women said she couldn't do anything for me but she'd pass me onto retentions. I then got offered (and accepted), £18 p/m for 200min, unlimited txt, 1GB data and the phone for £92. Just need to wait for the phone to come back into stock.
  2. Does anyone know if orange users will have to have the newest orange rom to get part 1 of the update, (ROM Version: released on 2010-02-04). I never bothered with it at the time as it didnt seem to actually do anything different from the ROM they released in November along with all the other rom updates, (Rom
  3. @ prupert, i think its more to do with HTC wanting to sell new phones rather than problems getting 2.1 working on a hero.
  4. i think you missed the sarcasm.
  5. The previous official orange rom was dated 23/11/09. That was the sense update. this rom is So whats different?
  6. No it nothing to do with paganism. :( Ive never noticed when this changes at night, but at 9am every morning the default weather app changes from night time to day time. Now in deepest darkest winter in glasgow its not too far out. 30min to an hour late. But in the summer the suns been out for hours. So is there a way to fix this? nothing serious as you can see but its been bugging me.
  7. scoobytwo

    hero VS htc hd2

    If you're a business user then maybe WM is ok. Otherwise Android is just much better. Android is better at "being a phone" whereas with a WM device you always know its a pocket PC that just happens to let you make phonecalls. Also apps for windows mobile cost alot more than they do for android.
  8. i havent a bloody clue. All i know is at the end of the day when i check my orange account the used data has gone up by that amount. I got a shock at first. EDIT; ah wait a minute, typed gb instead of mb. DOH! Far too early in the morning to be thinking. :)
  9. i'm going to Ireland, (ok so its not really abroad but under my mobile contract it is), for a week and i'm wanting to make sure i have all data syncing off so i'm not running up a huge bill. Ive added a 30 day 3mb travel data plan which will do for a bit of bit of occasional browsing. But Data syncing its self seems to use 5 to 7mb a day so i don't want to get caught out. So is it just a matter of switching "mobile newtork" off (hold down power button then select mobile network) or are there other sneaky wee hidden things i should be switching off as well? When i do browse the internet i don't want all the programs that usually sync kicking into life to start downloading updates.
  10. odd, i tried to install this but got an error msg along the lines of the, rom wasn't the correct one for my phone.
  11. so what do i "lose" by installing this rom over modaco's rom? Will i lose my partitioned SD card?
  12. The reception icon on my Nokia N95 would requently change between 3G and 3.5G. This was on orange so i'm guessing T-mobile are just getting round to makine this available. I'd assume the Hero can use it.
  13. hmmm, there must be a way to make it use the PCs connection when connected via a USB? As said above windows based HTC devices automatically do this.
  14. i'd like to know how to do this as well if anyone has the answer?
  15. i'm on orange and it wont let me download it.
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