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  1. Awesome news, Paul. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know. I'll help any way I can. I've noticed that with the release of Car Home in the Android Market, that its having the same problem with eViL's Desire HD ROM that we are having with it here with your Desire ROM - The app doesn't see the BT hardware in the Car Dock and won't pair/use it. Have you had any luck moving forward on that front? Anything I can help you with on the testing side of things??
  2. Paul, will we have the autostart script built into the ROM at a later date? Just need to know how to address this need. Thanks!!! (and again, great work!)
  3. Paul, let me know when you get a chance to look at this. I can give you specific feedback on how Car Home and this ROM work with the Car Dock.
  4. Have this downloaded & can't wait to give it a go! Thanks for all the hard work, Paul. This is really awesome!
  5. Sure, Paul... I have a Car Dock. The Car Dock uses BT to pair with and activate the microphone and speaker it contains. Call audio as well as multimedia audio can be routed to the speaker after the device is inserted in the dock. When initially inserted, the device activates BT and then brings up a configuration dialog allowing you to specify if the dock should be used for call and/or multimedia audio. This is actually done via the Dock settings section. The section exists in MCR r22 (FRG33), if you need to look at code... When removed, BT deactivates and the pairing between the device, speaker and volume controls drop. Subsequent device inserts into the Car Dock activate BT, repair the device with the microphone and speaker, and reroute audio according to the preference choices you made. Again, pulling the device turns off BT and unpairs the device. I am more than willing to help test this. Please let me know if you need additional information; and how I can help.
  6. I've noticed that with Car Home baked in (Car Panel removed) that Car Home will NOT activate the BT speaker and microphone when my N1 is inserted into the Car Dock. In fact, BT doesn't activate automatically at all. When you tap the Settings square in Car Home to open Settings to configure settings for the Dock, you can't... The Dock section is missing from the Settings dialog. Is it possible to put it [back] in? Without these settings, you may as well take Car Home out of the kitchen, as you really can't use the app without being able to configure settings for it and the hardware. This is a good ROM, though, despite that... Great work, Paul!
  7. k... stupid/silly question - I baked in the Smooth Theme. Where do I activate it?
  8. having issues installing Google Maps 4.5 from the Market after installing this ROM. Paul, the version from the Market should work with this ROM, right?
  9. I'm not as comfortable with ADB as I probably should be given that I have rooted 2 different devices; but I am using Amon RA's awesome recovery on my Nexus One and Clockwork Recovery on my MyTouch 3G Slide. ROM Manager is an awesome app, but requires Clockwork Recovery in order to work its magic (I have this setup on my 3G Slide...). Is it possible to flash from Amon RA's recovery to Clockwork recovery using ROM Manager on my Nexus One; or does it have to be done via ADB? I just don't want to screw up the device. Thanks in advance for any help the community may be able to provide.
  10. I'm looking for the same kind of support for the Car Dock as well... There's a microphone in the Car Dock and a speaker so it can be used as a speaker phone. I wonder if they use the same process for that..?
  11. And I'm certain everyone thanks you for all of your hard work. I know I do.
  12. that *IS* a cool feature. thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it!
  13. I'd like to add the same for Car Home when using the Car Dock (I have 2, one for each car we own). I like it much better than the current car dock app this great ROM uses. Having a choice of launchers could be cool; but then again, the Desire was a SenseUI device, and isn't that what this ROM is really all about?? (Although, it might be nice to be able to get rid of the Sense e-Mail app... I can't stand that and much prefer the stock app for both Exchange mail and GMail.) Paul, Is it possible to get kitchen options to allow us to bake in these kinds of things?
  14. I have had this happen to me a couple different times, its very frustrating and very annoying. Here's what I've done to get the device booting again. 1. Pull the battery and disconnect from all power sources. 2. Pull the SIM card 3. Pull the SD card 4. Wait 5 mintues (you want all power to bleed out, and for the device to fully "die") 5. Insert the SIM 6. Insert the battery (yes, we're leaving the SD card out for a bit...) 7. Try turning the device on The device *SHOULD* turn back on at this point. If not, repeat it. If it does come back on, make sure you insure you can place a call, surf the 'Net, etc. Leave it on for a bit, and then turn it off. Repeat the above and replace the SD card. I *think* this is caused by a problem with the device reading the SD card. I'm not 100% certain, but my device does this a lot, and its always come back after pulling everything, waiting a bit, and then replacing everything and turning it back on. You don't ALWAYS have to do this twice (i.e. leave the SD card out, get it to restart and then repeat with putting the SD card back in). If this does work, then you might want to pull the data off your SD card and then reformat it on the device, and then replace the data after its formatted and remounted. Hope this helps!
  15. Thanks, lilHermit! I appreciate the work, and love Trackball Alert.
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