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  1. Hi paul, I have managed to get wallet installed the patched apk r67-12, also unfroze it using titanium back but when i launch it, i get message about about unfortunately google wallet is not yet available in your country or for your device. Do i need to do anything else again?
  2. Is it possible to instal the apk without flashing the ROM?
  3. sharaf

    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Full Nexus 7 details!

    I want one...where do I enter my card details..
  4. sharaf

    Free Unlocking

    Ordered from Vodafone website but it came locked, bought an unlock code on the bay today, still waiting....
  5. I intend to get one on the 3 network Data only sim, just concerned if it will work or not. Thanks in advance.
  6. sharaf

    Notion Ink 'Adam' tablet goes official.

    This looks like a very good replacement for my archos 70 internet tablet... fingers crossed though..
  7. Update file here Download and copy the aos file to the root of your device and then disconnect the USB cable, you will get a prompt to update the firmware hit OK ....sit back and relax. http://update.archos.com/8/gen8/gen8_2.0.5...ndroid_gen8.aos Foryo release notes http://update.archos.com/8/gen8/changes_fi...ndroid_gen8.htm Version 2.0.54 - Android "Froyo" 2.2.1 - November 30th, 2010 Higher performance: just in time compiler (JIT) technology makes applications run up to 5 times faster than previous Android "Eclair" 2.1 firmwares Enhanced Microsoft Exchange support: it is now possible to synchronize contacts and calendar events Allow to install more 3rd party applications by installing them on the storage memory (for applications that supports it) Video: movie information and cover retrieval in video file info dialog Multiple selection mode is now always enabled in the file manager External bluetooth GPS receivers are now supported Better assistance is provided in the tethering wizard to pair with cell phone using bluetooth DUN profile (smart APN detection) OpenVPN is now supported Slideshow support for network shares has been added to Gallery and Photoframe applications Photoframe: full screen picture can now be displayed on double tap when in floating image mode Manual white balance setting has been added in Camera application Faster USB write transfer Battery: more accurate battery charge estimation Audio: improved compatibility with android audio stream volume management (voice/music/ringtone etc.) Orientation: fixed compatibility issue with some applications working with inverted accelerometer axis
  8. sharaf

    Need how-to root Archos 5 IT

    Am wondering if Visionary will work on the archos.
  9. sharaf

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    I prefer to call the Internet Tablet Archos 70 as thats the way its written. There are loads of Differences amongs which is the Capacitive screen on the internet one and Resistive on the Home tab.... See below for more... faster processor.. has froyo...(shortly) thinner.. (10mm for 8GB 14 for 250GB) 3D OpenGL 2.0 3D Games blue tooth, £G tethering 300gms camera, HDMI out, Android on TV UPnP & SAMBA Shared folders the list is long...
  10. sharaf

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    Its perfectly okay for me I guess, I have currently have a desire too which I tether to the Archos and the internet speed is actually faster than when am browsing on the Desire...back to the Screen resolution thing its really very nice.
  11. sharaf

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    All the marketplace has been working so far, except that Video chat doesnt seem to be working with Skype.
  12. I am more pissed off than you are....but guess I have to wait.
  13. sharaf

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    Finally got my Archos 5 days ago and So far I am loving it. Below are Screen shot of My home screens Using Launcher Pro... Any Questions Please Fire away... Screen 2 Screen 1 Screen 3
  14. sharaf

    Android tablets?

    I have the archos 70 IT since monday and I am glad I did. My HTC Desire feels really so tiny to use now.
  15. sharaf

    Archos 501582 70 Internet Tablet

    Hi All, I am planning on pre-ordering the above device but I just need to decide fully before going ahead. Seeing as this is 7" is what is making me want to go for this against the Advent VEga... (I love the specs) but I am just concerned about the 10" size, from what I ve read online, could be tiring after a while holding in one hand and typing on the other hand. The 10inch version of this is out of the question due to size as well...... I just hope this will be getting gingerbread as well in the future but I might as well just sell it off, if something better comes along. Is there any other device currently in the market or coming soon that I might be missing?

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