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  1. ....and while we are on it I had a thought is the ROM tmobile are publishing..... thats old now isnt it as the generic one is 2.73.405.5..... assuming 110/405 don't refer to the operator ? Terran
  2. Can some one confirm this for me.... is the ROM tmobile are publishing..... thats old now isnt it as the generic one is 2.73.405.5 ? Terran
  3. He he.... lock key.... I cant belive I was sat there going its on the side Paul.... no not that one :) Design wise I still think this looks load better than the Hero and the OLED vs Transflective in the Hero is defintly brighter although I have heard it can look at little washout out in the light.... I may be wrong. I'd be really intrested in how the 8gb looks to the phone.... eg I know its only got a 192mb ROM so is it 192 + 8gb or 8192mb that it sees ? Even more so when you add the SD card in...... Apart from that a nice box but I cant help thinking the HTC one is better for the enivorment.... eg I bought a HDMI splitter this week,... only a small one but the box was solid card ( thick stuff ) with a glossy front which flipped up to show this little thing through a window..... the box even had a magnet to hold the lid..... OVER KILL.... I spose where I am going with this is on future reviews perhaps take enviromental impact of the packaging in to accout on the review.... just a rambling thought. Terran
  4. Paul - I dont think this is teflon coated..... its more rubber plus I'm sure I read some where only the white one got it. Re the 'custom Tmobile ROM'.... pah couple of ring tones, a boot screen and a link to a web site that doesnt work well does not count as a ROM imho.... as soon as my 12 months are up i'll be sticking a generic build on mine. Thanks Any Paul - Good Vid.... off to watch the Galaxy one now :) Terran
  5. Yay - sucess... http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/discussions/...geit.offset=370 Terran
  6. Bump - any one ??? I'm trying to weigh this situation up and I think others may benefit even if its agreeing with me..... Terran
  7. It depends on the privacy settings of the users concerned.... its not the phone dont ask me why but it has been discussed on XDA. Terran
  8. I asked this question on the Tmobile forums as it would help me hypathetically compaire the base HTC build to theirs.... Sooo here is what I think the differences are... Boot screen ( I think there is an extra sequence ???? ) and that anoying startup at full volume ( whats with that ) Some Tmobile ring tones A Tmobile web link URL on the home screen Probably some predefined network settings / OTA lookups etc so they can control updates ....but thats about it..... some one mentioned some Tmobile apps but I truley cant see any thing that is not included as part of the OEM build. Terran
  9. Interesting - got to be worth a sticky this one.... Terran
  10. I saw that ( refreshing that page :) )..... more a we will let you know sort of thing.... tbh I'm giving it a bit longer because its only just come out how ever I do think they could have been quicker of the mark, its not like its a surprise really is it. Terran
  11. Cheers.... been a PITA for me. Terran
  12. All - a nice long running convo re the Tmobile update here - http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/discussions/...geit.offset=110 - its on their official forums so I thought it may be of interest to others as I didnt know they had any. I know there is an Orange one some where so may be some one can add that link in to this thread as well ? In summary posters are waiting for 'Barry' Tmobile ( a mod there ) to give a response that he has chased up..... Terran
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