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  1. As an update - to make changing fonts a touch more foolproof (needed it) I've just made some more \Fonts folders ie \Fonts1, \Font2 etc with one font in each. Then I can just regedit the string and reboot - voila. cheers again.
  2. Smart, thanks for checking through this - I followed the instructions and ta da! it now works fine. As you say I must have made a typo. It just had [terminally] adverse affects :) I didn't change the FontPath to windows in order to release the font, I dropped in the arial font and rebooted - and it works. Now to try Segoe. cheers lots Iain
  3. cheers. If it worked for you.. I should try it again before i reinstall everything again :) I dont *think* I made a mistake but am running a little scared. Could you check, please - what fonts does your 550 actually have in the root of \windows and in the \fonts folders? Also, has anyone tried reducing the size of fonts used as per earlier postings, ie quote " [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\V1\FontAlias] "Arial:-14"="Nina:-12" "MS Sans Serif:-13"="Nina:-9" " or is that just a dead end? ta Iain
  4. I've successfully changed the virtual screen area - no problem, it worked surprisingly well, but when I came to swap in a new font a la "change the FontPath string to \Windows, reboot phone, delete "old" font from \Storage\windows\FontPath, copy new font to location, edit FontPath string back to \Storage\windows\FontPath and reboot phone again." There wasnt anything my \fonts folder until I dropped in a windows PC ttf. I then had my phone refusing to boot past the orange splash and had a few nervy minutes until I could hard reset the phone. a couple of newb questions please (newb to windows mobile, PC & palm b4 now :) ) a. which arialnarrow font do I use - is it a standard windows PC ttf to drop in that folder..I could easily have used the wrong type of font b. I changed the FontPath literally to \Windows and rebooted - which resulted in a locked phone. what did I do wrong? cheers in advance for any help, and for what is a very effective hack. Iain
  5. Hi Just got my SPV c550 and I read somewhere [before the phone arrived] that TomTom's Bluetooth implementation can prevent other BT capable software connecting to the GPS receiver. I really thought that was a known issue and there was a fix.. But stupidly I now can't find that post or any info anywhere so can I please ask: 1. Is that true? If so what is the workaround, please? links, detail all welcome. I dont want to order TT5 and find their drivers being obstructive to running other code that needs to communicate over BT. 2. Can anyone recommend other GPS software (not neccessarily routefinding, but other *interesting* BT> GPS enabled code ie , gpsdash, gpslogger, gpstuner etc that works on the 550 and that you find useful? cheers , Iain ps I do know about the screensize /reg key hacks presently needed for TT5 .
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