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  1. What about multi-sync for XDA II? Does that fit into Mio 8380 also.... coz thats the only accessories available where i am (mo mio 8380 accessories sold here).... what other models can fit my mio 8380.... maybe i can find it here? Thx in advance.......
  2. Norazimin

    mio 8380 question(s)

    Had the same problem but not anymore.... i used some of my midi files as ringtones and they sound very loud.... i suggest to look for midis that sound loud and set it via settings.... good luck...
  3. Norazimin

    new menu

    The installer is in the 2nd Disc which comes with your Mio 8380.... u have to install it into your phone not in the SDMMC Disk or it will not work... it will install a plugin for your home screen to excess the "menu". If your home screen doesn't show a text that says "Mio Program List" u have to activate it via Program > Settings > Homescreen.... on Home Screen Layout make sure it is Mio Layout and press done. To get that menu screen highlight Mio Program List and select it.

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