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  1. I found out that Press and hold down the power button (6 seconds) makes a softreset. an option that was missing in most of the samsung phones :lol:
  2. Thats not going to work. Why you not flash one of the great custom roms around here,it makes your phone fast and stabile with more free ram.
  3. sorry but i changed to htc hd2. but for clocks you can go to xda in the blackstone forum and try some old clocks from the older manila and not from (sense 2.0,2.1,and 2.5)
  4. count me in too and i hope that you have the music tab working. i got the sense 2.1 almost working here the bigest problem is that it restarts every 10 seconds and the musictab is not working like the 1.3 version mmm could you give me a hint how to fix the restart problem,or is it that it must be cooked in the rom to solve it. i cant wait to see it working, :)
  5. sorry i can't do the polish letters on my pc,and i tried to coppy and past from your post but didn't work you have to do it manualy or edit this regfile for me favorite_folder.rar
  6. Thats fantastic B) so i made a cab for this registery settings A real X close button that works on this Great Rom Showcase_default_tap_on_X_to_close_hold_to_minimize.cab
  7. it's good to see dutch roms :) and i could make cabs for you if you send me the files
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