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  1. If you want to be one of the first then get a comment or two on this blog post before it's too late! http://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/12/04/...end-special-xi/ Gordon
  2. A word of warning for those who are thinking of buying from MPD. I bought my TP2 from them 10 weeks or so ago. It has recently developed a touch screen fault. MPDs response is that after 7 days they have no responsibility for the device, that I need to return it to HTC for warranty repair, which will take 3 weeks or so, during which time I have no phone. I am now faced with doing without the phone or taking action under the Sale of Goods act. Caveat Emptor! Gordon
  3. I understand it only works over WiFi. When I tried on my TP2 I got a "device not supported" error, but I saw this link in XDA http://blog.artesea.co.uk/2008/11/bbc-ipla...-touch-pro.html and all is good ;) Gordon
  4. T-Mob retentions just called me (I got my PAC on Saturday) and he confirmed that they were only offering the Diamond2 and were not going to offer the TP2. Gordon (edit to correct typo)
  5. Shouldn't speak too soon! In the excitment I didn't think that the deal in the shop would be different from the website <doh> Now ordered from the web, roll on Tuesday! Gordon
  6. The advantage of Mobilephonesdirect is they are selling HTC branded devices, rather than the carriers own version, which means that you will be able to upgrade to WM 6.5 as soon as HTC release the update instead of waiting for TMob / Orange / whoever to release their version. The downside is support / repairs will not be from the carrier it will be MPD / HTC and from what I hear HTC are not rapid! I'm hanging onto my Kaiser as a spare in case I have problems! Off to town in a few mins to pick up mine on Voda £30 +web, free on a two yr contract. I know it's a long time but it's a free phone for £5 a month less than I'm paying Tmob. Gordon
  7. Great news! I agree with you about the quality of both the HTC app and Voice Command. Off to Mobilephonesdirect tommorrow to sign my life away for a new phone :D now I've had this confirmed! Gordon
  8. Paul, I've seen a few comments about the HTC voice dialling application being omitted from the TP2 and Microsoft voice command not working, would really appreciate it if you could comment / find the time to test. Thanks, Gordon
  9. How quickly do you need it ? Expansys are due some next month; http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?partner=modaco&i=172490 Gordon
  10. Horses for courses :wacko: My tablet PC travels in a leather portfolio case in a compartment of my work bag, so far my advent gets slightly less gentle treatment and I like the protection offered by the Neoprene. I only said it's good value for money, I never used the word pretty :( I really must find out if a marker pen will colour white neoprene back ;) I also discovered that it fits in Proportas gadget bag; http://proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05.php?t_id=...&t_mode=des Whilst getting the link to the gadget bag I see that Proporta also do a leather case for the Eee 1000, I wonder if they could be persuaded to do one for the Wind / Advent (or if the Eee one fits)? http://proporta.com/F02/PPF02P05.php?t_id=...&t_mode=des Gordon
  11. http://shop.carphonewarehouse.com/accessor...tebook-sleeve-/ Great value for money! Gordon
  12. Well it's back up and their forum has a number of people complaining about lost points already. Apparently they've "fixed" a "bug" where APs were counted several times rather than just once, and taken points off people as a result. Gordon
  13. The Navizon rewards page has been under maintainance for over 48 hours and I've not successfully synced for a couple of days, anybody else having the same problem? I'm going to be mighty "fed up" if I don't get the points for my Cambridge-Berkshire-Cumbria-Cambridge-Berkshire-Surrey-Cambridge trip over the bank holiday weekend :D Paul: You any idea what's going on? Gordon
  14. If it helps I get the message "cannot connect to GPS if the GPS isn't connected, but get the error if it is connected.
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