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  1. I have two different VoIP number that start 01 and 02, I wonder if they would be counted as standard landline numbers or VoIP numbers?
  2. 03 numbers are a new range they brought in that's supposed to represent a national presence but are charged the same as 01 and 02 numbers, so theoretically they should be included in your free minutes. No idea about 0560 though, one would hope they would be included but I somehow doubt it.
  3. Me: I rang 3 weeks ago to change my price plan but I still appear to be on the old plan despite being told it would be activated at the start of the next billing cycle which was just over a week ago. Them: Sir, we have no record of you calling customer services to change your plan. Me: Well I definitely rang and you definitely confirmed it would be switched over. Them: No sir you didn't call us, it would be recorded on your account if you did, do you want to change plan from your next billing cycle? Is that, or is that not, calling me a liar?
  4. I had the same issue with Orange a couple of years back, except I called their CS to change tariff and was told it would be activated as of my next billing cycle (about 10 days away). Needless to say it wasn't activated and I was still on the old price plan, then when I rang to complain they actually called me a liar and stated that there was no record of a call to customer services on their system. I then promptly left Orange.
  5. It appears to be entirely network dependant, or maybe upon which masts are in Google's database. I tried using MyLocation on my Nokia N80 which is connected to the 3UK network and with a signal from 3 it said not available, so I tried changing to their roaming partner o2 and it still said not available, but then I switched it to their other roaming partner orange and it worked, albeit about a mile out.
  6. In respect to using data through your phone, 1GB can be classed as essentially "unlimited" as it's very unlikely people would use more than that. If they allowed you to use your phone as a modem for your PC however, 1GB could in no way be seen as unlimited usage so they wouldn't be able to class it as such. Also, in regards to X-Series and X-Series Silver being the same price, the Silver and Gold offerings are only available on selected handsets, so those with an unsupported device can only get the data aspect.
  7. Yea, I've been pretty busy with Uni and been doing a lot of travelling as well. I still try to keep an eye on MoDaCo every now and again though :rolleyes:
  8. It's still stating that the 3-UK network is not supported due to restricted net access, but that is no longer the case, they now offer full internet access.
  9. While I was roaming in Albania I recieved a txt from a friend over and over again, it came through about 15 times and then I tried switching to a different network, it came through once more and then stopped. If she has a Canadian SIM and is roaming then maybe she can try that?
  10. I just recieved my orange bill after spending 2 months abroad using my phone purely for the occasional sms while roaming. There are a few items on it (incoming and outgoing calls) which I can 100% gaurantee I did not make or recieve, or recieve a "missed call" txt for. Most of them last a few seconds and are charged at
  11. What would happen to all my calls/texts while my account is suspended? Is there any way to continue using the phone on a sort of "pay as you go" basis for those two months? I'm going to be travelling through quite a few countries (7 to be exact) over those 2 months, so a local sim isn't really possible, I also don't expect to use it a lot.
  12. Well I'm going travelling for 2 months over the summer, leaving in a months time and am unsure what to do with my Orange contract. I would still like to use the phone abroad but it feels liks a waste paying ?25/mo for all the free minutes and texts that I won't be able to use, so do I have any options? I've had the 12 month contract for 9 months so far.
  13. I'll be on holiday ;), that's the second one in a row I won't have been able to go to.
  14. As far as I'm aware, Orange only support up to 100kb anyway.
  15. It is questionable as to whether a long initial charge is actually beneficial or not. Overcharging however could potentially cause damage, so I'd take it off after 11 hours.
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