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  1. haha. for some reason. u cant app unlock the i600.
  2. see. this is my problem. i know an xscale oc exists for the smartphone. its called smartphoneturbo by novosec. however. when i try running the installer exe, it says my phones app. locked and it exits itself. i cant do anything about that on my phone (i600). So i was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor. itll only take like. 2 minutes at most. i was wondering if you (Pondrew, because nobody else is replying), could install smartphone turbo onto UR phone (ur spv 550), because its app unlocked, and get the .cab file from your computer, im not sure where its placed . [C://Program Files/Microsoft Activesync/Novosec(or something like that, im sure u'll find it)] and give it to me, because they didnt release a .cab installer (only an exe one, that doesnt even completely allow u to complete installation because of the app lock). Even if you cant do this for me, thank you for the replies. P.s. Is it ok for me to attach their installer here? if not just tell me and ill take it off :) THX Setup_SmartPhoneTurbo.exe
  3. hmm. I see. Maybe some day when somebody decides to try making a oc for the q i can use it on my very very old i600 i have lying around. Thx for the quick answers.
  4. yes. but it doesnt work on smartphones. does it?
  5. we all know the famous Omapclock for TI omap processors, yet there is no over clocker for intel xscale processors. anyone know if any are in the works? and if not, anyone interested? i know there are tons of crazy dev teams out there. :) THX For listening
  6. ANyone know if omapclock works on the q? jw thx On mine, it opens, but freezes right after. its pissing me off
  7. now wouldnt that be something. dink smallwood on a smartphone.dannnnng
  8. the version of quake some ppl still play is playable. but performance could be a tad bit better. do you guys agree? well dont take this as a request. but would it be possible to optimize the performance of this game with a complete recode from either the pocketquake source, or even from the source code released by id software themselves, or with some tweaks to the existing spvquake? i ask this only because ive seen what a phenomenal job roozbeh has done on porting some other fps games. and im not sucking up here. they are truly truly AWESOME. so anyways.... just some questions to ponder upon while we're in this slump of smartphone game development ;)
  9. i have A OLD smartphone (the Samsung i600) and was wondering if it was possible AT ALL to overclock these phones as well... seeing as its proc. is not from TI but instead from Intel would be a BIG problem... ppl are telling me how well their snes works now and i was wondering if that could be a possibility with my phone as well :)... thx ALOT :D
  10. i have found a pretty useful tip for key binding. For those of you (like me) who do not want the d-pad preset to the arrow keys (or joystick), all you have to do is use an older version of POCKETSNES (u should use the one i posted), set the keys, exit, load the game up on Paralaxes, and voila, you should have the arrow keys set to w.e u set it on the other version. *BEWARE, the option button is preset to right soft, so if you want it somewhere else, make sure none of the other buttons (a,b,x,y,l,r) are set to right soft. After setting the option button to what u want, then set the key u want (such as a,b,x,y,l, or r) to the right soft key . CHEERS
  11. excuse me, but what exactly is the compatibility at this point in time. is it fairly good? Because i have a version made by Hao Zhang based off of SNES9x 1.43 you could look at.. it supports games like FF3 and Chrono Trigger and plays them pretty dang fast.. so if you want to take a look, ill post them here. :) Cheers
  12. this version is not for QVGA screens. but is an update on spacemonkey's originals. AND NO, its not that buggy. Does paralexes allow you to play as many diff games as this? Also, there is a new version now. (WHEN USING, make sure yuo have tgetfile.dll in the same folder as PocketSNES. ok?) btw. on the attachments names, dont mind the _4_ and _3_.... i just have so many versions on my desktops lol. PocketSNES_4_.rar tgetfile_3_.rar
  13. IN NO WAY should i get the credit for this version of PocketSNES. This build was made by a guy named Hao Zhang, and all the credit should go to him (i dont even know how to reach him). OKay guys, I found this on a chinese forum i visit regularly. I think Hao took the source of SNES9x and not the existing PocketSNES one. BUt i really have no clue IT supports TONS of games (seriously, it blew me away). I can play Chrono Trigger, and FF3, and tons more now!!!![btw, if im not allowed to say the name of a game (cause it refers to roms), please just let me know, ill be glad to erase it.] Also ive noticed a slight speed increase. (i can play acceptably on frame skip 1 on some games whereas before i needed frameskip 3 or 4.) You can PM me and ask if a certain game works, and i'll pm u back, but im not allowed to announce it Here. But other than that, enjoy, and have a great time playing some timeless classics :D The .dll file in the rar archive is for the new file explorer implemented :) Pocket_SNES_1.47.rar
  14. im pretty sure this has been brought up before.. and ive searched all around this 20some page thread, but i still cant find an answer. ??How do i get music to work on this game? i put timidity in the place it needed to be.. but i only get a jumble of noises that hurt my ear... please help??
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