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  1. Cingular aren't getting it? I think T-mobile is the only carrier to offer that phone in the States, That's what I've heard...
  2. All are exatcly the same except that the C600 has no built-in Wifi and has an ugly (you'd have to agree with me on this :o) outer shell. even my old C500 looked better...
  3. Looks nice but I wouldn't call it a smartphone ,it's obviously small but only when compared to the rest in it's class (pda like phones). At 2.4 x 4.8 x 0.7 inches, it's hardly considered pocketable to me... I'd pick a Tornado based smartphone (which isn't really lagging behind by much...) over this phone, otherwise I'd just go for an Imate Jam or something similar (if portability didn't mean much to me and I needed the extra power). I wonder how the price of this phone compares to others...
  4. You want to tell me that it was application-locked when you got it? didn't you get it through Expansys? it was never branded, how could it have been application-locked?
  5. T-mobile USA uses the 1900Mhz band in some major locations in the States. I've heard stories about people using the C550 there with the T-mobile carrier with no problems.
  6. According to the preview and it's conclusions, it would not make much of an upgrade for C550 owners... C600 PREVIEW
  7. Will it ever be available for purchasing? free (legit) download? The version reported by people to work on their C500, wouldn't work on the C550 right? Res differences? People are probably going to rip it out of the C600 when it comes out, and put it up for downloading. It is very annoying that they(Microsoft/the carriers) manufacture such amazing high-end devices that are capable of so much...and yet they offer their costumers no OS upgrading option when the devices are perfectly capable of it . I'm sure a lot of smartphone owners including mself, would be willing to pay good money for an upgrade...why make it so hard then? Will there ever be legit ways of acquiring the new OS, for a C550 upgrade? Amiroquai
  8. Pocket Divx Encoder is great! Can't believe it's freeware, too good to be freeware. Much better than Mobile Media Maker, which is not even a freeware... Thanks for your help everyone!
  9. Anybody know of a good program such as the excellent Mobile Media Maker, for converting and optimizing movie files for playing on the C550 and it's QVGA res?
  10. I sent Krusell an Email asking them if a case for the C550 eveer going to come out. I've had such a great experience with their SP3 case and my old SMT5600, I would hate to settle for less and risk the C550. My C550 is going to to get here in about 2 weeks, I'm going to keep using the smt5600 , and keep the c550 in the house until the case comes out. I would want it to be in mint condition, in case I would have to sell it ( when the C600 comes out... :o ) Anyways , this was Krusell's reply: " Dear Amir Thanks for your e-mail and your interest in our products. We have this case in production and will hopefully have this case out within six weeks. Best Regards Krusell International AB " 6 weeks is better than never I guess. Amir
  11. Soon getting a C550 , I've heard rumours saying that it can only recognize 512 MB MiniSDs and down. :?: :?: I hope that's not true as I have a 1GB Sandisk MiniSD from my old SMT5600, I'd like to use on my C550 when it gets here. Anybody willing to shed a little light on this? Thanks, Amiroquai
  12. Is there a way to save all the settings (GPRS, Email) from the SMT5600 as a file, and just install it on the SPV C550? I'm from Israel , setting up the SMT5600 to work and be fully compatible with my carrier, took me a while... Amir
  13. I'm sure someone if not everyone could answer this question for me, why not do so then. To make that person's life easier , and not waste their time , that person could answer my question with just a single letter: A - This is normal with the Explorer web browser in the SMT5600, you have nothing to worry about. B - This isn't normal , I would have it checked if I were you. I'll take it from there... Thanks , Amir
  14. Is it just me or does the Explorer web browser on the SMT5600 display HTML pages badly? Some background images appear as 4 or so, color images (not all images , but most background pictures). Is that just a method of trying to speed up the loading of websites, or something of that sort? Thanks, Amir
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