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  1. Never mind, found it... Was "Hand by Righteye"
  2. Hi, just got my touch hd back from being repaired and looking to put it back to how i had it... I'd changed the font before (heres a screen grab) Does anyone know the program/addon i need to do this again? (sure i had a better screenshot i'll update if i find it)
  3. :) Thanks for the reply, I think I will make do with my brick in the meantime while i look at my options... after reading your responce I'm gonna roam the phone shops for a demo of the ones that interest me and see which one seams to suit best...
  4. probably a daft question but thought I'd try it... My HTC Touch HD broke and insurance is paying out for it... thought I may aswell upgrade to the HD2... Searched google and the comparison sites I know, found it at £459.99 (insurance is paying £442.99 for my hd) has anyone seen a better price? Thanks in advance
  5. To sum it up briefly, my HTC Touch HD was rendered unuseable and I have had a payment of £400 to replace it. I currently have an old brick just to get me by... So, what do I choose? I can either get another HTC Touch HD with the money, OR change to something else I have looked at the HTC HERO - which I like the look and spec of but I'm unsure of the little kink at the bottom of the phone. Apple IPhone? I know theres people that will not hear anything bad about this phone but I've never used on so dont know Suggestions please? (must be under the £450ish mark)
  6. nobody got an answer to this? I am unable to sync, i cannot therfore update my outlook with contacts etc... and cannot access the data on the phone unless i remove the card and put that into the pc
  7. I've upgraded my PC and am now running vista, I have downloaded "Windows Mobile Device Center" but when I plug the phone in it does nothing... It charges the phone but thats it... :) what do i do?
  8. Sorted! had a browse and somehow it changed to "windows" theme rather than the "default" Thanks :D
  9. Right I only have a screenshot of what it is now but I had a different display before when I went to make a call... It just one day was different, does anyone know how to resolve this? (also since it changed the volume doesnt work incalls)
  10. I did find that myself but the options are grayed out :(
  11. How do I do this? (the option to combine within windows live is grayed out) and I'm not deleting anything from my phone, they just decide not to come up when I sign in on my mobile and then when I use msn on my pc some contacts are gone... Thanks for the reply
  12. Its currently in mp3 format. I'll try using a wav Thanks :)
  13. I've seen there are various programs available to "bluejack" such as "Bluezard" and "Sniper" and suchlike I am curious as to whether there is anything that works on the Touch HD? I installed a version of "Bluezard" but it doesn't appear to do anything Cheers
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