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  1. Hi, I dropped my magician from about 3 feet on a wooden floor, it was not a big fall.But after I have turned it on he made a hard reset, it seemed as tough ewerithing was ok, but when I made first call I have realized that I can't hear the one who I was calling, but he can hear me.In turn when I change to "hands free" I can clearly hear everithing.I figured out that while I am calling someone and if I keep the volume button pressed upwared I can hear something but very low. :D I guess it is not a software prob. I made already 3 hard resets but still nothing.I would really appreciate any help.THANKS!
  2. Hy, for a few days my phone id disconnecting tha calls I recive.Today morning when my phone was alertng me because the lw battery another icon was displayed on the top of the screan...a little circle or what.After that I went to battery settings and I saw that tha main battery is 80% but the Backup battery is 0% (empty), how to recharge that????HELP!
  3. Hy, I am wonderig if there is any tweak so I could reach my storage card even if my batterie level falls below 10% Thanx... :)
  4. vedtom

    Help needed!

    thanks, I will try it....
  5. Hy, I think out/incoming-ports on my ppc are needed to establish eny connection between the computer and my ppc.But I can't set them up, under bluetooth settings at the COM ports there is no outgoing port only "new incoming port", but when I tap this I get a port dropdown window wich is empty... so, have no idea what to do, suggestions are welcomed!
  6. Hy, I can't find any modem driver that would run under windows vista. But I really need it!Could someone help me? Thanx
  7. Hy, I am running vista on my PC, so got no drivers for my Xda mini.Could someone tell me where to find compatible modem drivers? Thanx!
  8. About the quality of the displayed media I have the same opinion, eniway i was asking in the hope of any solution.Unfortunately is not possible... :rolleyes:
  9. I was wondering if my PPC could be connected to TV, so i can watch photos, videos in an bigger display.I have heard, with smartphone were several tests...but since I have PPC I cannot get it out my mind to make the best of my PPC! Comments are welcommed...
  10. vedtom

    c500 unlock

    Try Spv-services, first you need to install the " cert.cab ", than run the " SPV Services.exe".You need an Internet connection to unlock, using this app.Good luck! SPV_Services.zip
  11. vedtom

    JVM-For Pocket pc?

    Thanks for that link.Was relly useful, finally I have decided to use MINIMO, because this can display that site.Enyway, PIE is still not working...I hope someday there will be an JVM plugin for taht too.The site i am talking about is www.meebo.com -check it out!!!I recomend this to enyone who needs a real Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, AOL client of courese in HTML interface, but belive me it is grandiouse, easy to use and it's nice!!!With minimo moves a bit slow but it works.I have tried Opera too, but is not copatible with its script. Try it out...
  12. Hy, I am searching for a long while for a solution, so I could run Java script in Pocket IE.There are a lot of pages wich contains these scripts, but PIE is not capable to handle them.I have heard that wm5 devices can, so what is missing from 2003 CE? I hope there is a brave one who could answer this question!!! :D 10X!!
  13. Is there any way to move the navigation bar from the top to the bottom of the screan?And of course, to hide the command bar too? Thanx! :)
  14. Is there any way to move the title bar from the top to the bottom of the screan?And of course, to hide the command bar too? Thanx!:)
  15. vedtom

    Skins by vedtom

    By the way, could somone suggest me a place to find a vista style theme for wisbaradv2? Thanx! :) golf1.zip Golf2.zip censor_d_3.zip Bentley_4.zip

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