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    Huawei Mate 10
  1. £170 for the phone on a 12 month £37.50 web/walk package, not for me.
  2. turbo70120

    Advice on Diamond Price Plan

    Thanks for that, was going to wait for T-mobile to release it with the Web/Walk plan but I want the 'relatively' unbranded ones orange are selling now.
  3. turbo70120

    Advice on Diamond Price Plan

    So the YouTube application in the Diamond will not work on the Orange data plans?
  4. turbo70120

    Speel own words in the dictionary

    Pull out the keypad and type the word in, it then automatically saves the word.
  5. I tried to install the o2 cab and my phone said it does not have "sufficient system permissions"? Any ideas? Thanks.

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