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  1. Hola otra vez he enviado mi telefono movil a un centro de reparaciones en mi zona: en solo 10 dias me han cambiado la placa base y ahora funciona todo perfectamente como antes. NB: todo en garantia!!! He recibido tambien las excusas oficiales de Motorola por lo ocurrido. no se porque ha pasado (nunca lo golpee, nunca entro agua, etc.), pero espero que no vuelva a pasar nunca mas. Gianky
  2. gianky1

    "No Service"

    No, it doesn't (didn't) work with any sim I've sent the phone to a service center near my house: they have changed the main board and returned me the phone in just 10 days I didn't spend anything, the warranty is already valid, and they gave me also the official apologizes of Motorola for what happened. Now the phone is working again.... :rolleyes: thanks anyway Gianky
  3. gianky1

    "No Service"

    Hi all as explained by a spanish guy some threads ago, my MPX220 died from evening to morning, with no reason. It turns on without problems, it asks for pin code, but then there is a strange "no service": it doesn't connect to my cell provider. I've tried changing the SIM card with another one: no change I've tried with a master reset, with an upgrade and a downgrade of the ROM: no change. Any idea? In an Italian forum there is another guy having exactly the same problem. What's happening to our MPX220s? Is there a solution other than throwing the phone out of the window? Thanks Gianky
  4. Hola tengo el mismo problema (desde Italia) he intentado de todo: master reset, actualizar la ROM, etc., ningun cambio. Ademas, en un foro Italiano, otro chaval est

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