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  1. might have to pick one of these badboys up for the N80 i get next friday. :)
  2. See this update could swing either way, it could work or it cud blow the phone to pieces. maybe if the rom image was extracted we could possibly modify the drivers in it like the MPx220 and the HTC Typhoon ? Just a thought... :)
  3. i would love to try it out, but its just clicking the button and not having a brick as a phone afterwards. I'm getting a new phone v.soon so maybe i'll try it once i get a new one... maybe i'll try it now. :)
  4. EDIT awarner THE XDA Phone is not a C550, the C550 is Hurricane based and the XDA Phone is Tornado based. If you try this you WILL KILL YOUR PHONE. Here's the link for the WM5 update rom for a 02 XDA, A.k.a C550, now rumours have it that the two phones have different cpu's, meaning that the drivers would be different ? Heres a direct download link: Click here And a screenshot of the updater: The thing is, is anybody brave enough to try this ? :) EDIT : link to page please, not provide actual download link :) Link to the Page, courtesy of Mardy Bum Stu ;) Helpful Stu did actually edit the link for you. Awarner would have my guts for garters if I let that kind of thing through ! B) :P :D
  5. Mod please close this thread, my hard drive went kaput and now lost all project work. :shock: well. thats the end of that. ;) MiG
  6. some ppl and video encoding, there is no such things as a qvga standard, its just the resolution. encode with DivX using a resolution of 320 x 240 using any bitrate of mp3 audio and it will play back fine in tcmcp. pocket divx encoder is just a gimmick.
  7. ^ Im sorry but if ure ripping dvd to avi then DVDx will rip, decode and do all that in one app.
  8. if using divX @ 25fps and with a bitrate of around 270kbps along with 128mp3 audio then the file size of the film is anywhere between 350 - 500mb depending on the length. no i dont know how i wud ever get a film size in the 250mb's without using a mediocre bitrate of under 200 and using crappy quality audio. divX calculator results: a 2hr film of size 250mb - bitrate = 154kbps :shock: a 2hr film of size 300mb - 212kbps :shock: a 2hr film of size 450mb - 387kbps ;) so really for dvd quality watching (which i have 2 have), the bitrate needs to be around 270 - 300 for good quality vs file size.
  9. Well here it is, the colour scheme creator that is. ;) the GUI is a bit on the iffy side because when it was first done the dimensions where ridiculous, and could only just fit my 1280 x 1024 screen :D Just use the program and give feedback via pm or post about it in the QVGA maker thread. Cheers. MiG ColourScheme.zip Requires .Net framework 1.1
  10. yer i cant figure out how to run roms on the MAME emualtor, and im usually good with the whole thing. :oops:
  11. OMG dude if u pull this off i will absolutely die with excitment. OMG METAL SLUG ON MY PHONE... :shock:
  12. Parallax i've been following and testing each of your releases from the start and my god does the new gnuboy rock. sound is fishy in some of the more intensive games but this was the case with the old emu and the games didnt even run as fast as you've made em run. man i take my hat off 2 u u rock. MiG
  13. Update: Gradient Function up and running. see screenshot. Dont worry the GUI is getting a complete overhaul.
  14. UPDATE: the colour scheme bit is taking longer than expected as there is no built in gradient function for labels. to those who understand this : i have had to make a seperate class which accesses the GDI of a label to enable me to preview gradients in the software.
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