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  1. Are there any apps available in which I can sync my C550 with Lotus Notes? I'll be surprised if there is one, but thought I'd check with you guys just in case. Many thanks.
  2. With the homescreen layout set to Orange, if you have the keypad locked, any new appointments do not appear in left hand bar until you have unlocked it.
  3. I got my new C550 last week and have been pulling hair out with this problem over the weekend. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I was wondering if anyone has heard anything further from MS or Orange on this. The last post on this thread is dated 28th July, so I'd like to believe that something has been done :roll: If Orange are doing a patch, are they likely to release it to existing owners, or just add it to new phones? Where can I get the latest Orange patches anyway? What I did find was: 1. It will allow copy & paste, but won't copy the album art if you do this :( 2. I can sync 1 or 2 files, then it'll freeze. If I then reboot both the phone and the pc, then it'll sync another one, and so on. The ones I have managed to sync so far do display the album art :o 3. If you sync and it freezes, then you can't copy & paste anything afterwards. Repeat step 2. How do you do this? I coped a whole album folder over, but didn't get the art? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.
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