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  1. Hello all. I got my I600 about 2 weeks ago free from Sprint when my I500 locked up (I had only had it about a month). I am still trying to like this phone. I appreciate the OS and some of the applications and abilities it has. However, I really enjoyed the larger screen and touch capabilities of the I500. It seemed to me a little easier to navigate. I use my phone for both personal and business. I work in sales and I am never in the office. Being constantly on the road and my companys main source of communication being email, I need to be able to quickly and accurately send/receive emails. I look forward to being able to make this my mp3 player to drop another piece of equipment. All in all, I have enjoyed using this phone. Cheers
  2. TR180

    i600 Just "Wakes Up"

    Have you guys checked your automatic email check options? I have mine set to check every 15 minutes. When it does this it lights up. Just a thought. Cheers
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