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  1. nigel26

    Rom Updates

    can anyone help? i'm trying to find a ROM update for my jam charcoal. At the moment its running 1.12.00 WWE from the 28/05/05, surely theres a later version than this available. anyone !?
  2. has anyone had any success in over clocking the processing speed on an Imate Jam ?? the CPU in mine is the Intel PXA272, i'm pretty sure it runs at 417mhz but it can run at 520mhz doesnt anyone know a way of speeding it up?
  3. a friend of mine has a t-mobile mda compact ii which i now know is also known as the htc charmer etc. this unit looks the same as my imate jam charcoal (128mb) but his came out the box with wm5 where mine has 2003se. i'm coming to terms with the fact that imate or O2 are not going to release a wm5 update for my unit but i wondered what the difference was between these 2?
  4. nigel26

    Rom Updates

    got my password reset for Club Imate so checked, there doesnt seem to be anything newer than whats on there at the minute... thanks anyway... btw, i see you have the new Jamin... Any good ?
  5. nigel26

    Rom Updates

    i've done a quick search through the forums but couldnt find anything and have forgotten my password for Club Imate ;) so cant check there. Does anyone know if there is an update for the Jam Charcoal which is newer than Rom version: 1.12.00 WWE ? Thanks in advance
  6. nigel26

    mgs tone ring tone

    i can copy a wav into the windows area and select it in the sounds for notifications but the sound clip doesnt play. i have tried clicking it for album to play the sound and the phone crashes and reboots. the wav file properties are almost identical to one that works on the phone. anyone know of a decent site where i can get wavs that will work?
  7. i've been trying to change the wav file the Jam uses for notifying me of a new text message but the wavs i downloaded are not working. i have copied the wav i want to the windows folder and can see it in the sounds area and can select it but it doesnt play. if i browse for the file in explorer and try to run the file with album the phone crashes and reboots. any ideas??
  8. nigel26

    mp3 ringtones

    on my Jam putting the file i want into rings under windows works fine... i dont get "set as ringtone" if i drop the menu down from a file...
  9. nigel26

    Hard reset

    :D i did think about the manual but had left it at home so couldnt refer to it... you know what its like when you need to sort something out on the pc or other you can wait... anyway, i let the batteries die and it reset but i'll know to do it this way in the future.
  10. nigel26

    Hard reset

    i've noticed some of the apps and memory usage on my imate jam arent running as i think they should. the memory has gone from an even usage to all storage for no apparent reason. there are some outlook msg files under windows that are 2.7mb each (7 in total) but i cannot delete them. i'm thinking a hard reset miht be worth while but whats the best way of doing it? so far i have removed the main battery for at least 15mins and when i connected it back in and switched on the backup battery says it is very low but so far hasnt died totally.
  11. nigel26

    CLOSE programs

    sorry for this (i'm new) but does this close apps so they are not open in the memory ? one thing thats doing my head in is having to keep going into running apps and stopping them all. Thanks
  12. the company i work for use O2 and always have done, used BTCellnet before they merged... to my knowledge they havent had any major problems with them and i've certainly never had any trouble getting support off them in the past. i have my IMate Jam on O2 and so far so good.
  13. nigel26

    font colour

    can you change the colour of the font in the start menu? i have a background image which is light in colour and because the menus are listed in white its hard to read them. Thanks in advance
  14. got myself an Imate Jam and wanted to know what people recommended as the best screen protector to use? i'm looking for a case as well but i cant make my mind up between a couple on mobilefun. whats the best seller in this area? i wanted something that isnt too bulky if poss. other than that i'm well impressed with the device...
  15. nigel26

    applying themes

    so thats the same for files that come in a zip with setup xml ?

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