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  1. In answer to your questions 1. tomtom will continue running whilst you take/make a call 2. You can use a bluetooth headset at the same time 3. No idea - perhaps someone else can answer 4. Only works in Portrait 5. Couldn't be happier, had tomtom mobile before this and its 10x better hope this helps in some way
  2. Call me daft - but what roms work and where do i get them from?
  3. there was - i forced oranges hand and got a new phone - didnt want to at first but an advisor was rude and i complained. hence new phone :D
  4. [Edited by Site Admin, thanks for the submission bestservechilled!] SYMPTOM: : When the headset has been connected and subsequently removed, my SPV has remained in headset mode and will not return to any other setting. RESOLUTION: This appears to be a hardware fault.
  5. [Edited by Site Admin, thanks for the submission bestservechilled!] SYMPTOM: The date and time settings have become unavailable. Orange can offer no fix and im getting a new SPV. Apart from a hardware reset can anyone offer any other fixes for this annoying bug. RESOLUTION: None known
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