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    T-Mobile Settings for Vox?

    https://shop.dangaard.de/files/Qtek/Qtek.htm Michael
  2. michaelm

    Backlight won't turn off!

    The Corplayer is the problem.. I can confirm. 1 day power without making any calls.. Sad but true.
  3. michaelm

    Vox ist still there! Germany

    Bad news for all Germans! T9 is only in English. In the EU Version is NO German to choose!!! You cannot use the keyboard or T9 to write ß, ä, ü, ö... etc. I called HTC today but they have no German Rom in the moment! I will return my S710 to expansys. ;) Michael
  4. Hi to all, I ordered my Vox today at expansys.de. It is still on the way to me coming from France. They have a 10 in stock. ;) Michael
  5. michaelm

    MIDP for Samsung Sgh-I320N

    O.K. Sorry ... found it. :)
  6. michaelm

    MIDP for Samsung Sgh-I320N

    @luchino_san Hi luchino_san, where can I find the download for the IBM J9. I searched around the web but there is only a version for Windows Mobile 2003. I tried to install it on my SGH-i320 but it did not work. Can you help- Michael

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