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  1. Here are the posts I am refering to : http://smartphonethoughts.com/forums/viewt...2734679af231e94 http://www.pdaphonehome.com/forums/showthr...?threadid=35310 And this one on Modaco: http://alieninvention.com/index.php?showtopic=115145 TransFXB
  2. I have never been able to remove them with Activesync or any local file explorer on WM2003se (as many others). A "You are not authorized to..." or "Access denied..." messages-like is always returned. This is possible under WM2002. Additionnaly, I am refering to removing folders (including a sticky .tmp file) related to previously removed applications. I haven't been clear enough. TransFXB
  3. It has been reported on some forums that this last version of .NET Compact Framework (1.0 SP3) speeds-up our Pocket PCs or, at least, can stop some memory leaks. http://www.ipaqhq.com/forums/showth...72d&t=22229 I have installed it on my hx4700 and it seems that TomTom is more responsive. There is no choice for installation location (main memory) but it doesn't take that much. And if it fixes some memory leaks... I have also installed it on my Qtek 8100 WM 2003 se w/o any problem. but here, apparently no real improvements. Here is the link to Microsoft Website for last release of .NET CF http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...;DisplayLang=en Any one else to make a test? TransFXB _________________ hx4700
  4. I was also stuck but I found a solution for WM 2003 se: Launch Tweak2k2 smartphone, then Menu/Security and check the box You will be able then to delete those .tmp files, using any file explorer. Go back to Tweaks2k2 and uncheck the box. That's it. Please, pass along this trick as a lot of us seems to be stuck with these files. TransFXB
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