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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if T-Mobile could "compete" in the US. AT&T/Cingular has released several new phones recently. They have a Kaiser variant, the iPhone, this new motorola, and several other new models. What does T-Mobile have? The Dash and the Wing... How depressing...
  2. Don't forget the *coolest* feature of this phone (pictured above)... It's cool graphics that actually have the ability to go outside the boundries of the display! Now that's cool technology! ;)
  3. I disagree... You do not have to do this to unlock. All you need to do is modify a couple registry keys... First get regeditSTG2 on the phone, and then use it to modify the following keys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001001 -> Change the value data to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001005 -> Change the value data to 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001017 -> Change the value data to 144 After that, simply run the SDA Unlock. Then you should be able to do just about anything. If this does not work, and you get messages about sim lock, then use a more thorough approach, outlined in in a different post of mine here: http://www.modaco.com/search.html&nav=...sult_type=posts It's quite easy, and does not even need a sim in the phone to accomplish.
  4. Solved... Changed the following settings: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001001 -> Change the value data to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001005 -> Change the value data to 127 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001017 -> Change the value data to 4294967295 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Security\Policies\Policies -> Add new value "0000101b": Dword = 1 Then, I ran SPV services, and was able to unlock, rebooted, and ran cert.cab After, I changes the following settings back to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001001 -> Change the value data to 1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001005 -> Change the value data to 40 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies0001017 -> Change the value data to 144 I am now using my T-Mobile sim. Thanks to "Confucious", who had previously posted the setting elsewhere in this forum.
  5. My wife's phone when swimming at the lake, so I got her a Cingular 2125 off ebay as a replacement. How do I unlock this thing? I have already flashed the Qtek firmware in, and merged her contacts... But it asks for an unlock code when I put a TMobile sim in. I used the SPV tools, but with no luck. Also put the cert.cab in. I read an article somewhere that made claims that to unlock, you had to run the cert.cab with a Cingular sim in the phone, but I have not had a chance to try this, because I can't seem to find anyone who actually uses Cingular. Everyone is T-Mobile, Verizon(yuck), or Sprint(double-yuck). Does anyone know for sure how to unlock this thing for use with T-Mobile? Thanks!
  6. It lists IrDa under connectivity... I was not aware that the Dash had IrDa, does it?
  7. I posted about this a few weeks ago... Still looking for a solution.
  8. No, I have not figured it out yet. I have WM6 now, and I am unlocked, but I still don't think it's possible. To do it on WM5, on the Typhoon and Tornado models, you had to use tools to go in and replace the splash screen, but that does not work with the landscape screen. I'm sure there is a way, but someone would need to create a tool, or an install package, to pull it off. I think some of the responders are confusing the bootup splash screen with the startup and shutdown screens, which are easily changed.
  9. Problem: Every time I power up my device, the home screen changes back to the default after a few seconds. I am sure others using the Tmo WM6 update have noticed this issue. Cause: Tmo My5 Fix: Change the settings for My5, located in the registry at \HKLM\Software\HTC\My5\Homescreen, and change the home screens named in the Off and On values. Looking for alternative fix: How can I safely get rid of this My5 software? It seems to be running all the time, even if it's not being used. I actually have no idea how to turn it on all the way either... I did delete all the icons it uses, but really just want to disable or completely remove the service, but have not been able to figure out how to do that. Any ideas?
  10. I found that the WM5 screens work find, but I have this issue that when the device reboots, it re-loads my home screen, but then a few seconds later, changes back to the default OEM homescreen. Any idea why?
  11. Not only that, but if you are using TCPMP instead (whic I do), it is no longer able to play some formats, stating that the codecs are not installed. So, it appears that TCMPM would have to be updated for Mobile 6, in order to play many formats. This is just wonky.
  12. I have the new TMo WM6 upgrade on my Dash... Overall, I believe it is more snappy, and has never looked better. It's really not all that different than WM5 in appearance, until you get to the mail, which is all new, and PIE is improved as well. You can now view html formatted mail, which is nice. For those that use their device for an mp3 player, you will really like the media player plugin for the home screen, which is actually pretty cool. I also notice better support for downloading of files, internet connectivity, bluetooth... And it's much easier to pair devices. ActiveSync seems much slower now, expecially on the initial sync.... Took forever to get all my contacts back in. Just 1 small issue I am battling: Every time I restart, it resets my home screen back to the default. why? (I prefer W411y Q-Icons) If anyone has solutions to the above problems, please reply. Compatibility: Touch bar mods - appear to work fine tcpmp - works great, and appears to play smoother Google Maps - works even better AmpTweaks - most of the settings work TMoMail - Not included, but can be installed... Appears to work. AutoKeyLock - installed, but I have not configured and tested yet. Seems as though the phone is more efficient somehow... Added: I have noticed that messenger merges your im contacts into your phone, complete with icons, which is sorta cool, if you don't mind the clutter in your phone book. Windows Update is in there under settings... So you can have it download updates. Is this a good thing, or not? :rolleyes: Media player supports ratings and album covers, if you have the folder.jpg files on your phone. That's sorta cool! You can save attachments from e-mails now. It's about time!
  13. Emailed you an image last week, but never got a response... So, can you please just explain how it's possible to change the boot screen?
  14. I really want to download the QuickMark version for the Excalibur, but can't read the page, and it appears to require a download. Does anyone have a simple link that will downoad the correct version for me? Or have another source for the install?
  15. On other smartphones, one can use tools to go in and read or update the splash screen in the rom. This errors when you try to do it on the Dash, in my experience. I believe this is because the image is 320x240 instead of 240x320. Has anyone been able to update the bootup splash screen, to replace the t-mobile image with the HTC logo, or some other graphic? The other images during bootup and shutdown are easily changed and well documented. I like to have these screens display a message like: This phone belongs to Dana, if lost, please call [my alternate contact numbers]. Plus, I just don't like the pink and grey tmobile branding... Makes my phone look like the Victoria's Secret edition Excalibur. -Dana
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