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  1. A very very helpful thread but non of them apply on this one ROGERS HTC Magic SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP50000) CPLD-12 RADIO-
  2. Awais

    If you flashed the 2.73 RUU and got the new hboot...

    Allow me to give the correct command line /sdcard/cm-hero-recovery.img that really works like a charm
  3. Awais


    meant only for other members who dealt with hamid with this behaviour yes i agree with bigbearMDC we are all have learned a lot from these forums, and should not have such a rude behaviour with others :(
  4. Awais

    recovery-RA-hero-v1.5.3.1 update

    thats what i was trying to say yups its works flawlessly
  5. Awais


    just saw a third world war in this topic :(
  6. Awais

    Moto Phone Portal

    very intersting app keep it up
  7. Awais

    Custom Splash & Boot Screens for the Hero

    more on the way ????
  8. Awais

    24/Nov - Unlocked SPL for GSM Hero

    hahahaha and what if the member says what is google???? i asked cuz once i had a customer claiming himself a pda expert........was searching a memory card slot in the iphone and asked me twice where to put memory card in iphone.............hhahahahah
  9. Awais

    24/Nov - Unlocked SPL for GSM Hero

    yup you got it

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