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  1. Help for a technophobe!! hava a tytn 2 (kaiser) and want to do some tweaks to the registry. have downloaded regedit from PHM to 'my documents' but when i try to open i get a error 'there is no application associated with phm regedit. run the application first then open this file from within the application' don't know what this means can anyone help. Thanks Pip
  2. Hi, can anybody help a technophobe? got the new tytn2 and tried the wireless internet connection from home, works perfectly but some websites tell me to 'download latest flash' to enable embedded videos to be viewed. have followed the link (several times) and downloaded the file but it still doesn't work. any ideas??
  3. thanks Disco Stu, works a treat. will be a regular visitor. Ta
  4. Hi, can anyone help with how to send files by bluetooth on an spv c500. tried reading manual but can't find anything on the topic. thanks
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