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  1. Ok my trail for pocketmusic is over, and I dont feel like shelling out for a program that media player shoulda been... any other good ones out tthere I can try or look at? I liked pocketmusic cuz u could make playlist etc..
  2. i bought my 1gig adata from a site listed on pricewatch.com.. just search for good prices and free delivery. There are speed ratings on the cards as well, but I dont know how they far on a cell phone.
  3. nevermind.. didnt know you just change the profile to "outdoors" ahheheh
  4. Ok so i finally figured out how to get wav files for ring tones.. now the volume maxed out really aint that loud.. But in a registry editor, I go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER>CONTROLPANAL>SoundCategories>Ring then change the InitVol data to something like 12 instead of 3... that seems to work But after rebooting the phone.. it seems like it defaults back lower?? any idea?
  5. Is it possible to get this to work? Its a profile in my 2003 os.. I click it and it doesnt set it.
  6. fog table emulation would be a sweet addin if you guys can do it (should be easier for the processing since it would have a easier time rendering the backgorund
  7. Looking for a freeware image viewer, do any exsist?
  8. using mpx200.. i didnt know i could encode for the resolution..
  9. So i had tried a copy of the latest initial d episode in .avi format on my sd card, and it plays pretty chopy/slow in tcpmp.. im thinking if mpeg or wmv files would play any smoother? maybe since .avi usually needs some codec decryption or something and thats why its choppy since it uses more cpu power?
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