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  1. with the LG G3 comming next week, is it still ok to buy the LG G2, or should sit and wait for a while, and then go for it/another one ? Thanks !
  2. hello, i need some help ! i just bought a samsung Galaxy S from a site just like ebay, and besides that the display has 1 stuck pixel(red) the vibrations are not working, could this be because it has 2.3.2 on the device? could the vibrations be a bug in this gingerbread version ? has anyone else had this problem ? of couse in the item description from the seller it sais "mint condition, just like new" !
  3. anyone had problems with the vibrations notification using this firmware ??
  4. i think you need a rom that allows you to oveclock the CPU (FBL), and after that use "SetCPU" to oveclock
  5. sorry again for not reading 174 pages, just 1 question is some one else expiriencing PROBLEMS with SENDING/RECEIVING MMS ? i used before FBL r2a...and it worked perfectly .... but with this rom .. i need to reboot the phone in order to send one MMS !!!
  6. what you will download is a "ZIP" file, just copy the downloaded file (*.zip) to your phone, boot it up in ClockworkMod Recovery, after that, flash it on your phone ! (you can do a backup before you flash it, i did it)
  7. i have one question regarding this rom, i have just received a MMS, and the pic in that MMS is so little you can barely see it ! is there a fix for this ? i want to see the pic in fullscreen, i don't want to save it, and after that see it in full screen ! or do i need a different sms client ?
  8. sorry for not reading 170pages, but i have a simple question: if I want to download the "r11" rom, do i need to have a "Premium member" accound so that i can use the online kitchen, or is there a link to download a "standard" rom ? Thanks !
  9. drocap2 ->market (requires root) droid explorer ->google it (requires root)
  10. i'm offering a fair price + transport i would like the grey 512mb OLED version in good/mint condition. thank you !
  11. can someone help me out ? i already have a SF (buyed from ebay), but i want to buy one for my GF, can someone please help me ? it would me a great christmas gift ;) i can send the money via PayPal ! pleaaaaase !
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