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  1. καλησπερα sector! φιλε ψαχνω να βρω την ρομ του ακη την 133mb μαζι με την αγγλικη και επειδη το omniacs εχει κλεισει δεν μπορω....μπορεισ να βοηθησεις....??

  2. Γεια σου φιλε sector. Συγχαρητηρια για τη φοβερη σου δουλεια!

    Λοιπον εχω να σου κανω καποιες ερωτησεις


  3. dear sector,

    nice work with thr roms. i need help, im a newbie. is there a program that can enable hptic feed back for my i900? im using your rom but cant enable haptic feedback when using the keyboard. many thanks in advance.

  4. @mihai959: Warez is not allowed. Next time the penalty will be higher.
  5. Dear Sector

    i search for this problem on the net and i don't found any problem like that or any solution so i need your help please.

    i buy Samsung Omnia 3months ago,

    it's always freezing when it's not connected to USB cable otherwise it's freezing even when it's connected to power adapter, i changed the ROM and i upgrade it to different ROM's Original and coc

  6. You dont need to post 3 times the same thing to get attention. Thread closed
  7. No need to enter CAPITAL letters all the time when posting. People are not blind and they can understand what you are saying.
  8. Indeed a very good rom. Some times though it crashes (using Full ROM not CFC). Waiting for the 1922 :) landscape. The only app that couldnt install was the FingerKeyboard. I can suggest to add some more tweaks in next ROM + found some nicer themes ;).
  9. Cheers bro :). I will try it soonish! this sections needs tidy up a bit ;)
  10. I would like to wish all the Omnia members Merry Christmas :) and a Happy New Year. I hope all of you enjoy the holidays with your families and friends. Peace!
  11. Pwnage rom! Congrats on ur 1st and not the last :) Keep it up!
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