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  1. @mihai959: Warez is not allowed. Next time the penalty will be higher.
  2. You dont need to post 3 times the same thing to get attention. Thread closed
  3. No need to enter CAPITAL letters all the time when posting. People are not blind and they can understand what you are saying.
  4. Indeed a very good rom. Some times though it crashes (using Full ROM not CFC). Waiting for the 1922 :) landscape. The only app that couldnt install was the FingerKeyboard. I can suggest to add some more tweaks in next ROM + found some nicer themes ;).
  5. Cheers bro :). I will try it soonish! this sections needs tidy up a bit ;)
  6. I would like to wish all the Omnia members Merry Christmas :) and a Happy New Year. I hope all of you enjoy the holidays with your families and friends. Peace!
  7. Pwnage rom! Congrats on ur 1st and not the last :) Keep it up!
  8. Thank you guys for your support! Im honored been here with all of you :). Keep it up!
  9. I think i will make a new thread with many tweaks like in xda :)
  10. Well im here also to say officially goodbye. Love notes are in my rom's thread :). I got my HD2 also from expansys, cheap and fast! See u in the other side fellas! I very enjoyed my time with all of you. I will be around moderating and supporting you. Special thanks to big friends and chefs.
  11. Hello everyone :). I would like to say that my cooking days are over fellas, for good. I have just got an HTC HD2 recently so i will move on like the rest. It was really nice having you all around, i made really good friends here and met really cool guys :D. Respect to all of you that helped and contributed in my projects. I will still be around but not as active as before :D. Take care G.
  12. Just got my phone from expansys :). It is very nice and responsive!!! Beautiful phone :D. I think my fellas at omnia section will be disappointed but i needed this phone!!
  13. Every phone should have MS BT Stack. Dont know if Samsung have properly configure the drivers to use it properly though. Please check Khuanchai's thread if there are any alternatives against MS VoiceCommand. If you dont find any try the 2nd cab. It will disable SRS WOW and FTouchSL. Dont know though the consequences that will follow. Uninstalling the cab it will restore to its original state, i guess :).
  14. Thank you mike. I have updated the 1st cab. Please try it and tell me again. I think SRS wont work now. I hope you have sound or smth.
  15. That is good news! Just asking now: Did you have FTouchSL and SRS preinstalled? Because if ur speakerphone is not working and u had these 2 preinstalled, i think that SRS cannot co-exist with BTFix. And you my friend, you are saying that is working with SRS preinstalled. :) ===== Important note to everyone. How to report (so i wont ask to many questions): What rom are you using? (Khuanchai's rom has the BTFix cooked, so it should work by default.) Do you have FTouchSL or SRS preinstalled or one of the two? Bugs and errors.
  16. Im also reverting into another phone soon so i guess the new chefs should be able to handle the BTFix. It will be a gift from me and Khuanchai if we achieve this. Thanks for clarifying what is needed K. If the reports wont be positive i will make new cabs for it. Without cooking i think it is possible as far the files are signed and the trusted certificate is installed in the rom. Cooking the files are just noted as secure that's why they dont cause any problem. I dont know if it is wise to modify the native kernel, im not so expert on that part, if you do have a working modified nk.exe though it will be nice to share it and check the differences. We cannot (i think) use the i908 nk.exe, it wont boot.
  17. lol @ scratching with the knife. it he insane? :) go get a chainsaw
  18. What is the meaning of this thread anyway taril? We will wait for 1.1 and 2.0 games or smth. What is the fuss about it and rough language? Im almost sure though that 2.0 supports backward compatibility. It is a bit illogical not to be supported as a framework...
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