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  1. Hi, I don't think it's anything to do with Windows 6.1. I'm running an Orange TyTn 2 with windows 6 and it won't install, asking me for my number so it can text me when it will be available but my wife's Orange Touch Duel is running it no problems?
  2. Hello all, The problem I have on my TyTn 2 is that when using the TomTom application it has an error whenever it trys to connect to the internet, i.e any plus service such as traffic, weather etc. As soon as it trys to make an internet connection the error message comes up "An error occured on your TomTom device. Please try again" In all other applications on the phone the internet connection works fine i.e internet explorer etc. My internet settings are set up with "orange internet". Any ideas or shared experiences will be greatly appriciated. Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi, I can't speak about the new touch as I have no idea what Orange will charge but I can confirm that a fee of £89.99 will be charged for the TyTn II no matter what your monthly spend is with them.
  4. Hi, I'm using the HTC P3600 and sync it via mail2web and with outlook on my pc. The problem I'm having is all my contacts and even notes are doubling up on my device. Some contacts are now up to 7!! I'm hoping someone can help with ideas with what's causing this problem. Thanks.
  5. I'm afraid it will not work. Your SIM will not be 3G unless you have had a 3G sim card upgrade in the past. I bought a TyTn 1 and had to purchase a new sim card to access 3g speeds etc.
  6. Hi, I currentl use a 1gb Micro SD card in my M3100 (TyTn) running programs such as TomTom Nav 6 etc. Ive purchased a 2gb card now and want to tansfer all the info over to it. Will a simple case of copy and pasteing from old to new memory card work? Or will I ecounter problems with running the programs on the new card? Many thanks, Mike
  7. I'm very happy using mail2web to deliver push email to my M3100, it works very well. The only issue I have is that when responding to emails that have been sent to my ntl email account and then pushed via mail2web to my phone the response emails I send are from the mail2web email a/c. This confuses people as they send to one email address and recieve a response from another. I contacted mail2web to ask if they had a service where emails I send from outlook were from my own email providers address rather than theirs. The response was: "You could do this using SMTP proxy addresses. Messages would appear to be coming from the other email account and replies would go back to that account" Could someone please explain in simple terms for me what their response means and how I would set this up? Many thanks.
  8. Hi, TomTom apparantly limit you to installing Nav 6 on only two devices. Does anyone know of a way to put it onto more than 2? Is it possible or do activation codes etc get in the way??! Also, has anyone else come across problems with TomTom and there lack of customer service if your phone isn't on there compatible phone list? I mean, come on, all these windows phones are running the same Windows setup...what difference does it make what case is on the outside. I need them to give me an activation code to place nav 6 on my M3100 (2nd device as friend already used product code once on his pda already) but they need to see a copy of the reciept for my phone. As it states M3100 which they don't support.....no can do!!!!! why oh why????? it works on the M3100 no probs. Why will they not support it??? ok rant over! Cheers
  9. Hi, I've just recieved a new M3100 from Orange insurance and put in my storage card I was using in my previous M3100. Some of the applications can now only be opened from the storage card with no icon appearing on the programs tab from the start menu. I know this isn't the biggest problem in the world! but it's a pain having to go into the memory card all the time. Does anyone know how to get an icon for the programs I'm using on the programs page with all the other programs that came as default on the phone? Many thanks, Mike
  10. Hi, I've been searching for a while for a decent well priced Bluetooth GPS reciever but excluding ebay everything seemed pretty expensive for a good quality piece of kit. Well, head down to your local Orange store whether your with them or not. They are selling off their Wayfinder nav kits for £35 which includes a Sirf III bluetooth reciever!!! As Wayfinder is a service downloaded over 3G/GPRS you can ignore all the nav software and just use the receiverwith any Nav software. Cheaper I have yet to find. Please let me know if you can beat this?!! Hope you all bag some bargains. Mike
  11. Hi, I have deleted all other pairings, so no, there aren't any pairings with other devices.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to connect a bluetooth GPS reciever on my M3100 with a version of AA Navigator software from I think 2004 or 2005. I cannot connect my GPS reciever as the only COM ports the AA software offers for connection (3,6 & 7) are, according to my M3100, already in use. As I know nothing about COM ports or what exactly they are or are used by?! I hoped someone could tell me which applications maybe using these ports so I could stop them and free up the port for use by my AA navigatro software? I guess the answer maybe that I cannot change my phone settings because the COM ports are being used for critical programs so I either need to change the settings on the AA sortware or bin it for a newer version....but I need someone to confirm that for me!!!! Many thanks, Mike
  13. Hi, Firstly, what price should I be hoping to purchase a bluetooth GPS reciever for? I've done a little reearch and there seems to be great differences in costs. Are the cheaper ones missing spec etc of the expensive ones?? If not, whats the cheapest found on the net? Many thanks, Mike
  14. Hi, I believe the memory card that comes with this package is in SD format. How will I be able to run it on my M3100 which uses micro SD?? Any ideas gratefully recieved!! Thanks
  15. Hi, Is it possible to upgrade my xda to AKU3? If so, could you point me in the right direction to download the upgrade? Many thanks.
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