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  1. Cant you just go to sky's website, im sure there is just an online planner that you can record from there. I use the sky anytime app but that is just for particular makes of phone. The online version works from any web conection - i have even recorded something from my laptop. d
  2. I don't normally subscribe to conspiracy theories but what do you readers think about this one, I don't know if tmobile (or anyone else for that matter) has a history of this but here goes....remember when the vario3 was first announced and it turned out to be the "uglifed version", there were quite a few negative comments on the internet about this. then we heard that tmobile had changed the design to match the tytn2. but to everyone's surprise they released the ugified version anyway. now here's the conspiracy, tmobile release the uglified vario3 as a "limited edition" as they had produced the first design in some quantity. During this period they keep the "true" image of the vario3 on their webpage aka the updated tytn2 style vario3. when the stock of the uglifed version runs out they tell people it was a limited edition and they then start selling the updated tytn2 version, this also matches what is displayed on there website. This could explain why they haven't updated their promotional literature or website with the correct images, it could also be as simple as sloppy design work!, but conspiracy theories are more fun!!!! :( d ;)
  3. Where did you find out that Tmobile were releasing the vario3 on the 8th of september, i thought the press release said the begining of october. i do hope your right though!!! d
  4. If i bought the tytn2 and gor a 3 uk sim would this work or do 3 work differently to the other networks? d
  5. Don't we already have a date for the vario3? didn't htc press release say the beginning of October? i wish it was earlier but arn't there press relases usually accurate for these things. d
  6. Was looking at tmobiles downloads section (games) earlier today and spotted, listed under tmobile devices the MDA III, a posible hint maybe that the kaiser maybe released on tmobile sooner than expected? d
  7. How long did it take from the HTC release of the tytn to the launch from the mobile carriers in the uk? d
  8. Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be, i know when i soft reset the problem goes away and I can use my sony erricson (SE HBH-662 btw) with no problems, but this is short lived and soon the bleep goes back to the phones speaker. I guess it not a phone hardware problem which is a releif, it must be a software bug, but I am confused as to whether its my SE headset or a bug in the phone, as the jabra 250 works ok, it points to the headset, But why??? :) dave
  9. An interesting twist, got out my old Jabra 250 headset and guess what it works perfectly, press voice dial button and you get the bleep through the headset everytime. Now the thing is my Sony Erricson (Akone -the one with display bought about 12 months ago) headset is newer than the jabra, so it seems to be a problem with the headset, but dont really understand why (bluetooth profile problem maybe?) Now could someone do me a big favour, could you please post in this thread if your headset does NOT have any of these issues with the T Mobile Vario2 (Vario2 only please, just to keep it simple) and also what brand/model of headset you use. Many Thanks Dave :)
  10. I too have this problem with my new vario2, i have a SE headset (the one with the caller display - cant remember model number) when i press the voice dial button on the headset i dont hear the usual bleep, to let me know when to speak, all that happens is the "bleep" comes through the phones speaker. however i have also found that after a soft reset its works fine and the headset speaker is used. does anyone know why this is the case? is it a problem with the software or is it a fault with the handset? i am still in my 14 days to return the handset so any advice would be appreciated. thanks dave
  11. Hi just a quick question, does anyone have any idea where i can get hold of a tmobile data card (pcmcia card - hardware only) but without paying for the tmobile datacard subscription. i will be getting web n walk plus (
  12. Hi rang tmob today to enquire about their new WnW packages, in turns out that their special offer of Flext 30+(in my case) with
  13. "me is quite happy with his free contract, with free WNW max, and 7 lines on half price." rub it in why dont you!!! :rolleyes: anyhow thanks for the clarification. d
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