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  1. The only thing that turns me off from getting this phone is that it is covered in that horrible "shiny" plastic. I don't know why all these phone manufacturers are changing from matte and soft-touch plastics to shiny casings. Sure, they may look like they are more premium, but one touch and you have fingerprints everywhere... B)
  2. Any updates on how this phone is working out?
  3. You are correct. The SMT5600 is GSM 850/1900. No support for 900.
  4. Just to clarify, I use WMA compression at 192kbps. This sounds great in any other mp3/wma music player I've used in the past. The headphones are also satisfactory with other digital players. I'm trying to determine if this issue is the "soundbug" that plagues these phones, or if it is a result of the adaptor I'm using or something else.
  5. Since buying a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor to use some regular headphones, I can now detect a constant hiss during playback of music on my SMT5600. I'm not sure, but in reading this thread it appears that the tsss noise bug is a cyclic sound every 10-14 seconds. I'm hearing a constant low volume hiss. I'm trying to determine if it is the adaptor, headphones, or the phone itself. Could someone clairfy what the soundbug (as discussed in this thread) actually is?
  6. Yeah, the headphones do sound great with my real MP3 player. I like to use my mobile, though out of convenience. I use my MP3 player when running/working out. I was just hoping that maybe there were some other headphones that could give me an even better experience and reduce the hiss.
  7. Hmm, I can't be the only one hearing the hiss or tsss sound. I read the dedicated thread about it. Has anyone found success in minimizing this sound with some good headphones? FYI, the hiss or tss sound is not as detectable with the crap handsfree headphones that come with the phone. However, these also produce crap sounding music. I'm trying to get the best of both worlds :?:
  8. Hey all, I just received my headphone adaptor for my SMT5600 and plugged in my Sony MDR-EX51LP headphones. While the sound quality is much improved over the junk throw-ins that came with the phone, I immediately noticed the hiss problem. I read about the hiss problem in some threads and assume it is what I'm hearing. Basically, I detect a steady hiss noise during music playback. Sometimes it is very noticeable; other times not too bad. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone tried out some different headphones to see which did the best job of "hiding" the hiss noise and still returned some good quality music playback. Thanks for the responses.
  9. I was an AvantGo user with my Palm Pilot, but am going thru withdrawl without having it on my smartphone. There is another provider out there that will have support soon. Go thru the registration process and they will email you when it is available. Go to www.mobileplay.com
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