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  1. Has anyone who has had a Tesco version and done the above received the kitkat ota update yet? Nothing yet but probably just released for US customers perhaps?
  2. Just did an critical update of the amazon app, on firmware 1.28 and app works fine.
  3. Hi Paul, you just tweeted screen shot of new HTC One rom, can you provide any more info please. Gavin
  4. Definitely worth getting the HTC One. I've had mine 2 weeks now, and I have been really impressed by it. I would describe it as a stylish, media focused, ease of use, social phone. It is also the only phone to date I have had that contains at release the fewest bugs. Outstanding. Wrote tons on my blog too about it.
  5. The supplied ear phones are above average and look rather good too.
  6. Looking forward to when Amazon update their app properly, along with Zite, Nationwide, NFS Most Wanted.
  7. I sold mine. It is dreadful. Adds to much bulk as well. A clear silicone case is best option, using a Belkin one at the moment, but have 6 more I bought on Saturday waiting now to arrive.
  8. I love mine even more. I only have 2 issues. The camera pink issue (corrected by dropping saturation control from 3 to 2 in image props), twitter not updating on the set intervals. HTC have confirmed a hotfix for the camera. Whilst I use twitter it doesnt bother me that is doesnt update as I am normally too busy. As to the device being difficult. It is and it isnt. I have used every OS and they all take time. The biggest change I had was the HD2 is best used from the today screen. HTC have done a cracking job. I now find it easier to use all the time. I did read the massive user manual available on HTC's website too. XDA Dev is a superb site too, but I find it is best just to take a few bits from there. 2 threads are great. The sticky under Leo, Leo REF tips and Leo, Themes & Apps the Touch Flo tips. Also in T&A there is HD2 apps list. If you have older WM software, in the settings , about put your owner name in there and in the "Me" contact in people tab. As a just released device, its pretty damm stable, and a lot better than any other device I have owned and/or currently use. I have now added some extra apps and love the device to pieces. Best £500 I ever spent!
  9. okay on my pc. press top left start icon, select e-mail icon. buttom right, select menu, options, tap on your name of your email account, tap edit account setup, keep pressing next until you get to outgoing smtp mail server, hit advanced server settings, on netowrk connection scroll thru and change to either your mobile operator internet connection or the internet. if this fails, delete email account. from home page, email tab, menu add account. Even if its gmail, select other and enter your settings, dont use the google mail option. Next goto settings tab, menu, all settings, connections, connections, manage connection, proxy settings, make sure 1st box is ticked but unticked for "this network uses a proxy server to connect to the internet". Try each one in order, seeing if on adjustment works. The proxy item I found if ticked stopped twitter working using tmobile uk.
  10. i had your problem , so turn off the proxy and edit email settings as above in email inbox options. if you cant find it, i will do a step by step doc over weekend.
  11. goto email account setup and change "the internet" to "tmobile internet" or similar.
  12. Had issue with Hero. phoned htc and spoke to a fab women who solved problem.
  13. j had the hero before and much prefer the hd2. my first impressions will be on www.pda-247.com tomorrow. any other questions not covered just ask. very strong radio, very strong gps btw.
  14. Just upgraded 6 hours ago from Paul's 2.7 to 2.8. Followed instructions at androidandme.com for crcreating ext4 . Decided to do a fresh install. Can't get over the difference, fxxking amazing job. ! Very impressed. !
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