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  1. That worked a treat, thanks
  2. simonbratt99

    Can i start again on the orbit

    OH YES, it worked a treat, its a new phone again. Now i pray my outlook synced the contacts ok (gulp) cheers for that simon
  3. simonbratt99

    Can i start again on the orbit

    cheers paul, will this really get rid of any sign i was ever on the phone? and set any settings back to default?
  4. hi , Due to corrupt mem card, all my icons have messed up or broken, can i just start again, ie as if i just recieved the phone? Is there a Start again please. button? thanks guys
  5. me again sorry, I just downloaded resco explorer and formatted the card in phone, its telling me i only have 240mb of space on my 2gb card, is my card screwed? Oh great ive just read loads of problems with MicroSD cards and the Orbit, looks like O2 have a problem, im on rom i think, i dont know if theres a ROM update yet. anyone any clearer
  6. hi my cr-5220A G Tech mem card reader isnt working at th mo (god knows why) I cant find a way of formatting my 2gb via the phone, i can see it on my PC via the phone. Any ideas how to format it, thanks
  7. hi ive been installing and uninstalling software on my new phone Orbit. But after uninstall some icons are left, like on the today screen or on the programs folders. Do you know how i can get rid of them? or where they are stored (Ive not installed any custom skins or anything unusual, just games and apps. (copilot, google maps, virtual earth, smart2go, etc etc Thanks simon
  8. hi cant believe it, i took my mem card out (and put it back in) after its only been in for a week (new phone) and half the programs dont work. I checked the files in explorer and they all look corrupt!!!! By this i mean they have squares and weird characters where normal file names should be Please, has anyone else had this or heard of it. Is my card wasted? i dont really wanna have to format it, but im guessing ill have to. I wont be able to trust the card again!!! Its a 2gb Sandisk card micro SD Thanks
  9. simonbratt99

    Orbit and GPRS questions

    i cant get that to dl
  10. hi right back from my early spv phones active sync didnt always like connecting. I really though come my xda orbit and the newer AS 4.2 it would be sorted. but its not, for me I can connect ok, install some apps, then after that often it just wont reconnect unless i reboot both phone and computer Anyone know of this, or experience this? thanks simon
  11. simonbratt99

    XDA orbit mapping gps

    yea i loked at smart2go, its not working on thier website yet, its says coming soon when i actually tried to dl it.
  12. simonbratt99

    Orbit as a webcam?

    hi guys I can report this application works a treat, you have a wireless webcam working on your wifi network. Awesomly good fun to try out. Plonk the webcam somewhere in your house and you can see what goes on.
  13. simonbratt99

    XDA orbit mapping gps

    double hard, thats good news, i will seriously consider that cheers
  14. simonbratt99

    XDA orbit mapping gps

    hi just phoned memory map and they offered me the whole of the south of england @ 1:50,000 for £50 that sounds better but i need to check how 1:50,000 looks :-)
  15. hi In the contacts list they are all listed backwards ie surname then first name, i cant see anywhere to change it, does anyone know? also.. Ive enabled 'shortcuts' in the setting for the today screen, but no shortcuts are appearing, anyone know how to setup some short cuts? Thanks guys. Simon

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