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  1. I've got an M1500, on a 25 quid a month contract for free from retentions. It's great, but I think if they'd have had the M500 I'd have gone for it, although I am hoping the wifi will prove it's worthwhile. I'm going to use it with skype as a home phone. However, I Was hoping that M$ had sorted the USELESS F****G networking nightmare, but it appears they haven't... Still, it only took me a month to get it all sorted out on the 4150. Hmmmm. Anyone know of a 'how to' that actually walks you through setting up priority connections for when you're in range of a wifi access point so it overrides GPRS. And while I'm on it, they don't seem to have bundled that useful GPRS connection monitoring app that everyone says is great on the M500. And when I installed pocket e-sword, messagease, and skype, something conflicted and I've had to unistall them all, as none would load... Ahhh, technology.
  2. Well I just got mine too. It's not even showing on the Orange website yet, but they are shipping them, as I have one. Like you say, no bleeding edge WM5, but as it's such a new device I'm hopeful for a ROM upgrade at some point... I'm pretty pleased with it's size. I had it in my head it'd be a fair bit biggerer! But the case that Orange supply with it... I mean; WTF!!!! It nearly doubles it's size, and is soooooooo 5 decades ago. Black leather. Bunch of ARSE!!! I've decided what I really want is a single thin plate on the front protecting the screen, and a thick band of elasticated webbing ala 4150 case round the back to give cosmetic protection. I guess that's my sewing project for the weekend then. I'll post a few pics and a bit of a review later on if I can tear myself away from faffing with it.
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