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  1. Ok, finally got down to taking a look at the driver. It says "Samsung MITs USB Sync" in Device Manager under the Mobile devices branch. Taking a closer look at the driver details, everything inside suggests that it's standard WMDC drivers. In particular, the winusb.sys has the file version as 6.1.7100.0 (winmain_win7rc.090421-1700). I did not install any Samsung drivers. All I did was downloaded the latest available WMDC update from MS website & it recognizes it immediately. Konker
  2. What firewall are you using? Standard Windows Firewall or other 3rd party firewall? I suspect it could be a firewall configuration setting that is blocking your connections. My wife's Windows 7 RC1 is running AVG 9.0 & PC Tools Firewall Plus 5.0.
  3. For the record, I have successfully synced my wife's Samsung SGH-i780 with her Windows 7 Ultimate (RC) laptop using the USB cable. One of the issues users face while trying to sync with Windows 7 is that the WMDC is not installed by default. Without the WMDC installed, the necessary device drivers are not loaded or available in the system's driver cache. However, in all Windows 7 installation, there's a folder in the system folder called Windows Mobile & that's where the installation package is stored. You can manually install WMDC from here or download a copy of the WMDC 6.1 update from MS' download website (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=46F72DF1-E46A-4A5F-A791-09F07AAA1914&displaylang=en). What I did differently was that I downloaded the WMDC 6.1 update & installed it onto the Windows 7 laptop. After that, I plugged in the SGH-i780 & the driver installation wizard starts automatically (tray icon) & WMDC starts up after the necessary drivers are installed for the device. Hope this helps you guys who're facing the problem with syncing your SGH-i780 with Windows 7. Konker
  4. I've been able to sync different WinMo devices with Windows 7 using the WMDC 6.1 update without any issue. It's your device driver that is missing. You can download the Vista package & still have it install on Windows 7. That should solve your problem.
  5. AT&T Fuze has the PTT (Push to Talk) function & thus an additional button on the left side of the screen assembly...which in the latest ROM can be customizable. This feature is only supported on AT&T & some other Telco that support that feature on their network.
  6. Are you able to configure the connection with your wireless router properly? Does it stick or do you have to recreate the connection every time you reboot the phone? Is the connection successful or does it not connect at all? I've had difficulty accessing the internet on my wireless router until I changed the settings on the Fuze. Go to Comm Manager | Settings | Wireless LAN | Power Mode. Change the Power Save Mode to Best Performance. See if this helps you resolve the problem. This helped me but I still have an outstanding issue. The connection profile at my workplace is not sticky. I have to recreate the entry every time I reboot the phone...which is frustrating but better than not being able to connect at all.
  7. Think you're out of 'luck'. The only way I can think of is to purchase one off eBay USA & have it shipped to your address or borrow from someone with a BJII in Chile.
  8. I'm not sure there is such a method available for the BJII. The other phones you mentioned are typically Windows Mobile phones manufactured by HTC & require the original bootloader to be flashed with a custom one to take advantage of flashing from a memory card (custom ROMs only). Try looking at the i780 thread to see if others have found a way to do that with the WM phones manufactured by/for Samsung. But don't try it until you're sure or you might risk bricking your phone. Why not just use the USB method? If you are facing difficulty because of the OS you're using, try using VMWare player & run a VM for Windows XP & ActiveSync to flash the device. That should work.
  9. From your description & the pictures, it does look like your screen is faulty or the connection to the motherboard is bad. Either ask the seller to take it back for a full refund or agree to settle for a partial refund & you get to keep the phone & find a replacement screen on eBay to replace this one (if indeed the screen was faulty).
  10. I believe this would have fixed the issue: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...ylang=en&tm
  11. You could use Paul's Modaco No Data to temporarily disable the GPRS connection profile & re-enable it when you need to use it. Do you have Exchange email setup to automatically download emails at fixed intervals? Check your Task Manager to see if there're any other processes that might have been automatically launched when the phone boots up. Also, check your File Manager in \Windows\Startup folder to see if it reveals any clue to a program that is automatically started when the phone boots up.
  12. Did you reboot the phone? I installed on my Palm Treo 750 running WM6.5 & got the same error message. A soft reset (reboot) resolved it & I was able to enter the settings menu.
  13. The PCB (printer circuit board) of the QWERTY keyboard & LCD screen are attached to the alloy sub-frame so if all you need to do is replace the external casing & keypad, you do not need to remove any cable. You can lift of the whole sub-frame with all the internal electronic parts intact but pay attention to the earphone speaker & microphone & especially the protrusions along the sub-frame that holds it down to the front casing. Once that is out, you should be good to go. One word of advice, try to keep your fingers off the LCD screen & the inside of the transparent window of the front casing as the fingerprints can be quite difficult to clean off without leaving scratches on the front window.
  14. It works...unless you're not using a SGH-i617. You have to press the Volume up + Back key together & while holding onto them, press the power button. It takes a little getting used to it but you should be able to do it. Been able to do it many times with three BJII flashing.
  15. This model has not been launched so unless someone got their hands on one of this units from the MS booth at the recent event, it's unlikely to surface so soon. Like the name imply, it's a Samsung customized Home screen.
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