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  1. Hi, I bought on the Ebay.com a HTC Harrier - Verizon XV6600, also known as Audiovox PPC6600 - now I want to use it somewhere else than USA - in which networks can I use the phone and how do I activate it? The phone is 800/1900 Mhz CDMA device with out sim card slot! Can I use it in a 3G network outside USA? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have forgotten the password on my MDA Compact and now can't perform hard reset or rom upgrade! I tried the hard reset - holding the power button and then tap the reset for 5 sec., but this didn't work anyway! The phone doesn't sync with the PC because of the password! How can I reboot the phone?!
  3. Flashe with new rom just in case - nothing changes! Is there any other way how to sim unlock the phone?
  4. Hi, my XDA Exec has got a dead screen - took the phone apart and found that the LCD coaxial has snaped. Now i'm looking for XDA Exec spares - coaxial cable. Where can I get such spare parts? Should I ask it from the HTC? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! The activesync works ok when the c500 is pluged in, internet connection is also available - I could even browse the SPV developers web page and run SPV Services directly from their site... and even then I get stucked with - Please wait, reading encrypted block... I guess I have to find orange sim and try once more - otherwise I don't know what else could help!!
  6. Anybody... please help!! I can't unlock the phone!!
  7. Guess what - removed the touchscreen ribon cable, soldered it back to the LCD and after few rounds of aligning screen it worked!! It's a mirracle :) ;) thanks all!
  8. I have managed to bypass the Align Screen, by deleting welcome file from PocketPC/windows/startup... the pda work ok, except the touchscreen is not working properly as I couldn't calibrate it - the bottom and top part is irresponsible! What does this mean - is it the ribon cable? Could resoldering fix this? Thanks!
  9. Hi, As my XDA 2i touch screen seems stucked at align screen forever, I need new touchscreen! This is how the touchscreen and Lcd looks like in my XDA 2i. What screen should I get? (Flufcat - I know you know this) :) ;) thanks!
  10. hi, what should i do, if I get stuck with SPV tools - please wait, reading encrypted block... I have application unlocked the phone, I have instaled cert.cab. Is it beacause of SPV tools having problems connecting to internet? I guess I don't have any firewall at all... so there shouldn't be any problems!? I'm desperate...
  11. PS. I read somewhere that I need to have Internet connection while runing SPV Tools - why is it so? Could the SPV tools not run properly because of the Internet connection?
  12. Hi, Please help me unlocking Orange C500 phone! A long time ago I have managed to unlock a few Typhoon phones, but now it doesn't work at all. I don't have the original orange sim in the phone, but I have managed to do without one so far - using Jeyo Mobile Companion disabled Simlock.exe and was able to browse the phone. I run application unlocker - didn't work. I edit registry - set values to 1 and 40 - seemed to work - application was unlocked and I was able to install cert.cab Installed cert.cab and run SPV Sim Unlock tool - the tool stuck at "Please wait, reading encrypted block..." What should I do? Can anybody help me with this problem - I really want to unlock my phone!!! Thanks!!
  13. Hmm... I sort of knew what I was doing... at least I think so, because I have managed to repair a few Qtek phones till now!! Warranty is over now, but that don't bother me as I bought this phone on ebay.co.uk and I need to repair the phone in Latvia... so - has anybody any clue how to fix this?! Are there different kind of XDA 2i touchscreens - can't I just use a touchscreen from XDA or XDA 2s ? thanks!
  14. Hi, I have a problem with XDA 2i - it is stuck at the align screen and keeps looping the cross over the screen forever. I have reflashed rom a few time, I have disassambled the phone - cleaned the contacts, cleaned the screen, removed the schotch from the lcd 4 connectors. I even tried to glue a big piece of schotch to the screen pull the touchscreen of the lcd a bit... nothing helps so far!!! Do I need a new touchscreen? I really would like to fix this one, because it shouldn't be broken - it looks so nice and clean!?!!!! Please help me!!
  15. Thanks! I guess I have no use of this phone in the Europe. In my country there is only one CDMA operator on 450mhz. So for sale great condition XV6600 - HTC Blue Angel. Thanks!
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