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  1. My mistacke. That's what I mean.I have now saw, that you have write how to do it.Sorry for loosing your time and thanks for the help.
  2. and do you know how to make a hard restart.That is still a myster to me. ;)
  3. Isn't there any thing, which I can try befor spending 100$ for new display? Is there any hope to fix it with reinstall or with hard-reset?Or is there any way to use some kind of self-test to see what is the problem, just like the MPx200's engineer menu?I am realy desperate, because I'm from Bulgaria, Europe and this Pocket PC is not yet available here.That's why the display will cost more than the phone in the USA :cry: Can I use a display from other Pocket PC? P.S.:Can you tell me how can I do a hard-resert?
  4. I have Samsung i700 , but my display goes half blue, half white and my touchscreen dosn't work.Can someone tell me how can I fix my phone?Is there a disconnected cable or smething like that?And would I fix it if I reinstall the OS or if I do a Hard Restart (how can I do it?). You are my last hope. P.S.:Here is a picture of the display.
  5. Pocket Controller-Professional is used to control the phone from the PC, and Virtual Desktop Controller or Nydtitot Virtual Desktop is for screen rotation. On the webpage was written, that it is working on Windows Mobile 2003 First and Second Edition, but when I try to install it, it seys that the installation file is not intended for my device.And I am haveing the 2003's ROM, which was designed from Microsoft for MPx-200.Why is it illegal? Oh, and before I forget : Does MPx-200 have a LED?If no, can I add one?
  6. 1.I am using Windows Mobile 2003 PowerMOTO(hacked in germany), but I also have the original version(providet by Micro$oft) 2.I found a software from Nyditot & Soft Object Technologies, Inc. called Virtual Desktop Controller. On the company's site was wrote, that it can work on Win Mobile 2003 and all other Win CE OS. I will try it and will tell you if it's working.
  7. I've bought Motorola MPx-200 a month ago and I think it is good phone for its price, but I have some questions and I was hoping that someone in this forum can help me(sorry for my terrible English): 1.Is it possible to rotate the MPx200's display horizontal just like MPx300 with some kind of theme or with some software? 2.Can I connect a USB keyboard to my phone with some aditional drivers? 3.Can I install Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC on my phone?And if no, why? Thanks.
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