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  1. I've tried that out before and wasn't too impressed with it but it's not a bad idea. I'm just really uninpressed with HTC for not getting this sorted. Imagine if this were a bug introduced to the iPhone - even for a seemingly minor thing like this there would be uproar and Apple would have it fixed within hours - but as usual as HTC customers, who cares?!
  2. Has anyone else had any problems with the text message interface since installing this update? When I go to a text message thread, it goes to the top of the thread (the oldest message I received) rather than the bottom (the newest message I've received) like it used to. This is REALLY frustrating because every time I get a new message from a contact who I've already got a couple of hundred messages from, I have to scroll endlessly to get to the one I actually want to see. Of course, I could delete all my existing messages so I don't have so far to scroll but I really don't think I should have to! I can't be certain that it was the update that caused this problem, but all I know is that before the update I didn't have this issue, and now I do - so it'd be good to know if anyone else has experienced this. UPDATE: Just found a thread on Android Forums covering the topic I just posted on... http://androidforums.com/htc-legend/142910...update-1-a.html It's good to know I'm not the only one having a problem and HTC are on it, but irritating that they've introduced a bug in to the upgrade - and I won't hold my breath for a quick resolve!
  3. After putting up with a pretty awful Windows Mobile phone for the last year and a half, my contract finally came to an end so I got myself a new HTC Legend. One of the first things I tried out was the music player, and I noticed straight away that it sounded flat with no bass at all. After some hunting around it appears that there's no equaliser or even a simple bass booster available. It never even crossed my mind that this would be a problem with a modern handset and (supposedly) one of the best mobile operating systems available. I use my phone to listen to music a lot and now I'm stuck with this phone for two years (since Vodafone don't have a return policy, which is totally unfair) and as long as this issue isn't resolved (which I really don't think it will be since it hasn't been sorted in the last 2 years) I'll never be able to use it to listen to music on. So unimpressed. I'm sure some audiophiles will tell me I just need some better headphones, but the fact is that - despite their shortcomings in many other departments - on both my previous phones - my Diamond and my Sony Ericsson - the sound quality was great with these very same mid-range headphones. Apart from that though, the phone seems great and I'm very impressed with Android, I'm just very annoyed that this very basic feature seems to have been overlooked. I know comparisons between Android and iPhone can get a bit tedious, but the lack of such a basic audio feature would be totally unthinkable on the iPhone platform.
  4. My phone rings in the headset AND the phone itself when headphones are plugged in. This is using normal headphones with a mini usb adaptor rather than the normal headset - I don't know if this makes a difference. The volume slider in TF3D is a bit rubbish in my opinion - it steps too much at a time and it's fiddly to set a volume in-between the steps. The touchflo music player (which I assume you're using) doesn't have it's own volume control either which doesn't help. Some other media players have their own volume controls which allow for fine-tuning of the volume, but I've yet to find one that offers sound quality comparable to that of the touchflo player with its audio booster.
  5. I though that was a bit odd too! Also, does anyone know if it's possible to make touchflo launch this version of opera instead of the one included on the ROM when you choose 'Browser' from the internet tab?
  6. This is an issue that I've pretty much learned to live with but it still bugs me from time-to-time. I assume this is applicable to all touchscreen windows phones but I could be wrong. Most of the time when I write a new text message it's as a reply to an existing message so I just go to that thread and compose the message from there. The 'problem' is that the window for composing the new message is tiny - the thread takes up the top 90% of the screen, or if the keyboard's visible the top 20% of the screen, leaving only about 10% of the screen for the compose window itself (hope that makes sense!) This means you can only see about one and a half lines of your message at a time, which results in lots of scrolling if it's a long text. Does there anyway to make the compose window bigger or make the font smaller? Even if I could just see two lines at a time instead of on and a half that'd be good! I love the threaded SMS interface but this particular part of the implementation seems a bit odd to me :D
  7. You can actually get TomTom itself for free here and you should get one map (of a single area / city) for free too. Nice to try out GPS and get to understand it, but to make it useful you will have to pay. Also on that subject, if you want to geotag photos you'll need to edit an registry entry for some reason... It's probably easiest to use DiamondTweak or similar to do this.
  8. I can't claim to be an expert in data connections but this isn't a problem I've experienced with my Diamond on Orange (I've never tried on T-Mobile). Whether I have a GPRS or HSDPA signal I can still get a connection, GPRS is just a bit slower. Sorry that doesn't help much; anyone else? -Mark.
  9. Strange. Not sure what was going on there then, I tried 3 times but it wouldn't work so I just gave up!
  10. Awesome, I tried that out yesterday and it seems to work a treat. Silly of me to miss the option in the camera app really! I don't really understand why the GPS Photo registry setting's off by default tho... I'd seen some comments saying things like that; the couple of photos I've tried so far seem to work fine for my needs tho - the exif data's there as I expected and the couple of services I've tried seem to have no problem reading it :) Going slightly off topic, I've not had access to a computer for the last couple of days so I tried to reply to this post using Opera on my Diamond yesterday, but every time I hit the 'Add Reply' button I just kept getting a blank screen and the reply didn't get posted - not sure what's going on there...
  11. It's very unlikely you can change your MAC address. It'll be hard-coded - like just about every other network device you can get. Why would you want to change it anyway?
  12. Can photos be geotagged on the Diamond? I've enabled "GPS Photo" in the registry (via the Diamond Tweak app) and GPSed is showing satellites available, but when I take photos they don't seem have any GPS tag information (according Opanda PowerExif which I've used to edit Exif info before.) Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Technically I've had the phone for a few weeks, I was just being lazy getting my number ported to my new contract so although I've fiddled around with it a bit I'd not really used it in anger until more recently, so hadn't realised this was a problem, and now it's out of 14 day warranty. I'm sure I could send it back under the manufacturer's warranty but I can't be bothered with the hassle to be honest! I didn't realise I wasn't the only person with this problem - the issue you describe sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing. That's quite comforting! Perhaps a 'Known bugs' section on this site would be useful. It's interesting that you say this might be a software issue; I'd noticed that a soft-reset seemed to solve the problem (albeit temporarily) so thought it might be software, but I just couldn't figure out how that particular bug could possibly be introduced in software. I just assumed it was something to do with the flat-button form factor of this handset.
  14. I'm aware of the quick list, and that's exactly the kind of thing I'm after but the problem is that my hang-up key doesn't work! If I could access the quick list another way this would be perfect - it'd be nice if there was a "quicklist.exe" or similar somewhere but obviously things are never that straight-forward! I wasn't aware of that setting. I've just tried it and it works a treat, but I really like the TouchFlo interface - although I know a lot of people don't use it - so that doesn't really work for me either :) Thanks for the ideas tho, if you've got any others then keep them coming!
  15. That could explain it, I've been using bluetooth headphones up until now so maybe they cause it to behave as if it doesn't have headphones plugged in. I ordered a mini-usb - 3.5mm adaptor yesterday due to lack of bass through bluetooth anyway, so hopefully that'll turn up soon anyway and that could solve the problem, although it'd still be good to find a solution to accessing the keylock feature some other way. Thanks for figuring out the power button issue anyway!
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