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  1. I did flash 4 files in alpha. order and HP SR1 Kernel and I am stuck in the boot loop any suggestions? I did clear everything....
  2. iassael

    ---NotIcon--- (FR19 ready)

    Thank you very much! Trying it now!!! Sygxaritiria man, einai oreo na vlepeis ellinika, poly kalo!!! :)
  3. iassael

    SD Card Qtek S200 G4

    no! Its up to 4gb everything but NOT SDHC
  4. iassael

    Worms World Party

    could somebody send to the company for a fix? Thanks!
  5. iassael

    Worms World Party

    i have the same problem with my WM6 PROPHET can anybody help me please? Thanks!
  6. iassael

    Arcade Reality

    any other games?
  7. it does not work on my WM6 Prophet!
  8. iassael

    Comm Manager

    Has anybody tried Comm Manager 1.7.1 from PDAVIET? Does it work?
  9. iassael

    Remote Registry

    thnx but i want something that does not use another program. I mean i dont have to install something on the pc.
  10. iassael

    Remote Registry

    Hello is there a program such as remote Desktop for ppc that can access the Registry of a computer? Thanks!
  11. iassael

    Jawbreaker, how good are you?

    Yes there is but you have to buy it.... (pm me for more info) Also if you have any experiance on c++ try this... It is really interesting... http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/CsJawBreaker.asp
  12. Hi i have made a guide and a tweak list for mpx220 ckeck it out... it is on http://www.geocities.com/mpxrevo/ (please click on some ads...)
  13. iassael

    Jawbreaker, how good are you?

    Ok here is mine... Style: Continuous Games: 956 Average: 324 High: 1104 (can you beat me???) Big Burst: 702
  14. i have the same problem... But i uninstall them through activesync from my pc....
  15. iassael

    ActiveSync Problem

    me too.but i dont have wm5. I found a temporary solution. If you have winxp use the left panel and click "copy to"

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