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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for advice on a carrier and a handset for my mother. She will only be making phone calls and very few texts. She calls the Dominican Republic once or twice a week using a calling card from home, so the option to call there for an added fee would be great. I also need advice on a handset that isn't a complete pos.. I was thinking of Verizon since they have great coverage, but their fees would probably be too high. I'm posting here because I wasn't sure where the best place to post would be. If I made an error, mod please move this post to the proper forum. Thanks!
  2. Teknologist or anyone else, Is there any chance of integrating some of the benefits gained here with the HTC Hero CDMA version on Sprint? Thanks.
  3. Please post the modem driver guys. Thanks. Edit... Never mind.. I found it. Here it is for anyone else that needed it.. Killabee44 USBMDM.zip
  4. Ok, guys Helio is a new carrier in the USA. Offering 3g speeds at decent prices. Does anyone have one of these phones? Please let us know how you like it, features, is it worth buying? I have Tmobile now and am hating the Edge speeds, so looking for a new carrier. Thanks. Killabee44 Edit: I have found that the two phones that they offer do not have WIFI or bluetooth. Sad. I hope I can bring my own phone that has these features. They also do not have sim cards since they run on a CDMA network. I like being able to just stick my sim in there and go. We will see...
  5. A user at the xda-developers forum posted a Qtek ROM that works GREAT. And I have tried a few. Really. Check it out at: New Wizard ROM good old parts post It has different versions of parts that are tested and do not have bugs. Good luck. I hope the link is ok mods...
  6. It looks like dell has it on sale for 199.99 at this link: Dell Slingbox for 199.99 link However, they also have another link at which they are selling them for 249.99. Dell 249.99 Slingbox link It seems that it is the same item. Can someone confirm? Edit: It is the same item. Same model number and everything. Not sure why they had it listed twice, but better for us right? They have free shipping (you will see it at check out) and a coupon for $10.00 off if you use your paypal acct. (code: X10DHMT?VL6NBS). There is also a $20.00 off 150.00 code out there, but it replaces the $50.00 discount from the Slingbox. Dell might charge tax where you live (they did to me) but the 10.00 coupon would take care of that. Enjoy. ;) Killabee44
  7. ok, but does my home pc have to be running in order to stream the video? Or does the slingbox do it all? Killabee44
  8. Hmm, so your pc has to be on all the time in order to stream the shows? Im kind of confused on how it works/controlls the satellite and cable box...
  9. Hmm, after looking closely, there have not been any news on when this device will be released. Could be a long time. So the model we are talking about is the T800 (sounds a little like the P800 that sonyericsson had out a while back).
  10. ahh, yes you are right about the keyboard. I meant that it's not a slide out one (bigger) like on the MDA. The screen is a bit smaller, but tons of features. I will have to see about the price. Are those available for purchase yet? Killabee44
  11. Yep, I was also looking at the siemens. It does it all but the screen is kind of small and no keyboard. Another thing is that the price will be outrageous (more than likely), but then again I could be wrong. Killabee44
  12. I think I will go for the deal. At the moment they are out of them, but as soon as they come in I think will sign up. That GPS sounds like a good addon. Killabee44
  13. Laser, Thanks for your input. The device I am considering is the same as the one you own. It is the Qtek 9100 equal. I called Tmobile and they are offering me that phone for $244.00 but I would have to renew my contract for 2 more years. It is up in May and they know that. It's not something I really want to do, but am considering it since these phones are going for about 500.00usd on Ebay. What do you guys think? Right now I am undecided and was mainly looking for input as to how this pocket pc performed and any issues I should know about. Man, what to do... I will decide at the end of the week. Killabee44
  14. Hi all, I am looking to buy a pocket pc but do not know which way to go. After looking at many different ones I am undecided. Currently, I have T-mobile in the US and was considering the MDA (aka kjam, wizard, qtek 9100) but they want almost 500.00 since I am not a new customer and wont sign up for a 2 year contract. The only thing about that phone is that it does not have GPS and the processor is kind of slow. If anyone knows the differences (if any) between the MDA and the MDA Vario, or are they the same phone? GPS is a feature I really want as well as wifi. EDGE would be nice too. After all the looking, I am thinking of waiting for something that might come out a few months down the line but dont really want to wait if I dont have to. Maybe the Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T Series when it is released? That one would have everyting I would ever want but the screen is kind of small. If anyone of you guys can recomend a good choice please chime in. Thanks. HMm, maybe someone could recomend a good (not too costly) external GPS as an alternative... Killabee44
  15. I cant wait for the HTC Hermes to be available... niiiice.... Killabee44
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