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  1. hi, when i go to sounds and notifications and try to set incomng call, all the choices when played dont make a sound. this is the same with a new message and lots of other options. plz help. thanks
  2. is there any way to set mp3 ringtones as sms messages or alarms, i know there is rjv tonesetter but that is for smartphone is there any software for ppc
  3. Hi i have unlocked my mda compact and now purchased a vodafone sim. I was wondering how do i go onto vodafone live with my ppc. many thanks
  4. hi is the SDA II any good??? better then the spv c550/600?? please can i hav opinions so i no which one to buy.
  5. hi which is the best smartphone i can buy 4 £60 of ebay or som wer else. many thanks
  6. hi how can i get a playlist for WMP on my c500?? do i make the playist on my pc or phone?? plz help
  7. hi i have downloaded the futurama theme from modaco and it shows a futurama skin for WMP. However wen i go on WMP and go to options, skins the only skin there is the default skin. plz somebody help me!!
  8. plz help can i get software for my c500 so i can send via bluetooth?? I do NOT WANT BINARYS SMART EXPLORER BECAUSE IT FREEZES. Is there another programme??
  9. hi is there any other programme i can use on my c500 EXCEPT BINARYS SMART EXPLORER many thx Ali-BB
  10. There must be a way because even some nokia phones can send messages via bluetooth. And Smatphones are better then nokia's right?
  11. Hi is there an application for free that lets you send messages via bluetooth on my MDA Compact? Many Thx Ali-BB.
  12. Hi is there an application for free that lets you send messages via bluetooth on my SPV c500? Many Thx Ali-BB.
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