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  1. Hello all! my current gripe with Orange is as follows. a month or so ago I called orange about my SPV C600 and the fact that the joystick was so knackered i couldn't use the phone anymore... They went through there "are you stupid" questions, like have you dropped it, have you tried taking the battery off, have you thrown it into the nearest erupting volcano etc, until they finally said "Okay then , we can send you out a new phone, it will be with you tomorrow, just remove the battery bla bla bla." New phone arrives on time as expected and is swapped. The new phone proceeds to freeze up at every given opportunity, including during phone calls. Also when frozen calls will just ring out and not even go to my answer phone (found this out by ringing it when frozen from my home phone) So I'm back on the phone to orange. I tell them what happened and the guy i speak to asks me the same stupid questions as before, until he goes... "okay we can send you out a new phone this evening" Great i thought so he starts arranging it, then casusally slips into conversation that i will be charged a £15 admin fee. I paid this the first time they changed it and had no issue with it then, however i this occasion i explained that since the phone is having to be changed because you sent me a duff one and that I had already paid a £15 admin fee for Orange to fix my problem, but all they had done was exchange one problem for another i would not be prepared to pay it again. "Oh okay" he says, "I'll just have go through that again..." that was when i was mysteriously cut off... Back on the phone talking to a woman this time who starts from the begining and asks me all the same dumb questions again but this time arrives at a different answer "okay what i'm going to have to do is forward your details to our technical support line and get back to you in the next few days" So I ask her why she is going to have to go to technical support when the other guy was going to send me out a new phone. she checks and says its because the first guy and put it down as i had a broken keypad (despite the fact when i intially spoke to her she said there was no record of the other guys having spoken to my on my account.) I play my face a little and tie up this woman in metaphorical knots but realise i am not getting anywhere and resign myself to waiting for technical support. two days later i get a call back from the above woman who rather smugly tries to tell me my phone is freezing because i have installed too many programmes onto it and that i should just delete some and it will work fine. she almost about to hang up on me when i point out that the phone has had nothing installed onto it, has no text messages saved on it and nothing that wasn't on there when the phone first arrived. and all that was irrevelent anyway since it had been freezing from the first day they sent tit to me. "Oh okay" she says "I didn't put that on the emil to technical support the first time... i'll add that on and send it back to them and get back in touch with you in a couple of days. Why she didn't put that on the message to technical support in the first place when i clearly told it her the first time around i do not know. It's been at least two week now and i've heard nothing. I know i should phone them up and chase them but I live a very busy life and work some really unsocialble shift rotas and i just don't have the time and energy to devote a morning to sitting on he phone to orange.... that is at least not until today. and thats just my gripe with Orange mobile... I have another with Orange broadband which im still fuming about.
  2. I think by upcoming dates it actually means when approximatley the ladies next 'time of the month' will be. My missus has just got a super girly phone (i dont know the make or model, i took little interest as it wasnt a smartphone :o ) thats all pink and has stuff like this on it. It also has space for 5 shoppin lists? why on earth do you need five? surely you just have one big list?
  3. i bought a car charger for my M2000 a while back from the Modaco shop. Works pretty well for me. You can find it here. Its the Imate PDA2K charger by they way.
  4. I believe the modaco shop sells an adapter that will convert the jack on the M2000 to the regular sized headphone jack. I can't comment on how effective this is, or what the sound quality is like as i personally don't have one i vaguely remember you having to do modify it slightly to get it to work with the M2000, but that was a while ago and the problem may have been relsoved in newer builds of the phone. Hope this helps a little, you can find the adapter i'm talking about here
  5. starts dribbling..... someone get me a towel. Going to have to saving the pennies and waiting for my next upgrade!
  6. I think thats a good idea for MoDaCo to maybe branch out into. it is of course a Mobile Data Community, not just phones. Perhaps Paul has bigger designs
  7. if anyone is interested. I've had a call from Orange and they are saying they are prepared to change my phone. will give them a ring on Monday when I'm back from my hols and see what happens with the new one. hopefully it will have the updated rom and bluetooth stack.
  8. I dont suppose i would be lucky enough for this to work on an M2000, or even that Hell may have actually frozen over and an update from Orange may be in the offing?
  9. MS VOice Command? Spb Pocket Plus? Spb GPRS Monitor? Agile Messenger? These are the main things i use regularly on my M2000. Pocket Plus and GPRS monitor are just really usefull apps and the former provide some nice home screen setups and useful options such as making the cross in the top right corner of the screen actually close applications rather then just leave them running in the back ground. Agile Messenger allows quick and easy connection to a whole host of messenger applications msn/yahoo/icq/etc. MS Voice Command is just amazing. Really useful when driving, or when you have your hands full. Plus its got a great wow factor. hope this is helpful to you
  10. All these letters and numbers is so confusing! If the XDAIIi is the one they brought out that looked like the old XDAII but with some upgraded specs then yes thats the one i mean. If this wasn't the ALpine what codename did it/does it have?
  11. Looks to me like an xdaIIs, or M2500 to me (HTC Alpine if i have got it right)
  12. dunno if its the same on the jam, but I managed to sync my contacts from my M2000 by the following method. try going into your contacts. select the one you want to send. hold your stylus on it until the pop up menu comes up, then there should be an option of 'send via bluetooth' in the menu. make sure you have your bluetooth on and that you have paird your phone properley using the pair with windows CE phone in the advanced settings of the CK3100. Hope that works for you.
  13. If i leave the bluetoith switch on on my M2000. Sometime when i switch on the screen, or plug into my sync station i get the following error message: On the top bar of the message it says 'BTTrayCE' Until lately i've not really used my Bluetooth so its not been too much of a problem. But now i'm using a bluetooth car kit i'm getting this error message more often and its becoming a bit of a pain in the ass. I've tried calling Orange, but they were about as helpful as my pet labrador. They say there technical team are going to phone me back, "At some point"
  14. I have recentley bought a Parrot CK3300 and fitted it into my car. It worked and paried no problem with my M2000 and i can make and receive calls just fine. It even detects the GPS, althought i haven't got the software yet to test it. The only problem at the moment is that once paired the CK3300 does not display my battery life, signal strength or Service provider it simply comes up with M2000 and underneath that it reads something like 'no service' or 'no signal' Any ideas what could be wrong? I've tried mailing Parrot but as yet i've not had a reply, probably because its a weekend. On a possibly related issue I am one of the lucky/unlucky folk who got their M2000 back in december, with the olde, more unstable software versions. Any ideas on an update, or alternativley how i can convince orange to exchange my M2000 for one with the up to date software? (I do have orange care, just thinking of how i can get them to change it)
  15. I recentley bought one of the in car holders for my M2000 from PDAmods. at first it was fine but now the damn thing wont stay stuck to the windscreen! I've emailed them, but as yet i've not had a reply... any suggestions?
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