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  1. wooooo! I think you forgot to add the price, my friend!! ranging from €49 to €249... depending on platform/function Looks cool, but a little pricey maybe?
  2. Is ETEN M600 a new Universal model or something??
  3. I havent tried it but checked the requirements at handango.com which states W2002/3... shame really, it sounds really useful
  4. Bingo!!! works effortlessly... well done A!! Ross sent me the standard GPRS script originally which failed miserably and to be honest I kinda gave up trying recently... but this works perfectly... at long last... shame it has after my 3 month 3G 1000MB trlal period has only just expired eh? ah well, better late than never!!
  5. You need a ROM unlocking tool... search the forum!! Then, by using Total Commander you will see the unlocked ROM as a folder, etc etc - try searching the forum for more info / instructions... After successfully, unlocking the ROM & if you need the Video Call option reinstated you will need to run "Enable_VT_RTPlugin_0727_2_signed.CAB"
  6. You can see the full difference of what is included on the Orange ROM if you do a hard reset and after calibrating the screen, choosing a password & changing the time zone do a soft reset... this will stop the Orange customisation ROM from installing! This is a foolproof and safe way of testing the performance with no Orange junk installed... When you've finished you can simply perform another hard reset without a soft reset thereafter.... et voila!! just how it was when you first received it from Orange... !!
  7. Seriously though... probably would infringe any warranty or insurance I guess... just as it would for any other network provider... It;s a case of do what you think you're comfortable with I guess...? Obviously research carefully and take necessary precautions where possible... if you dont feel able - or are worried then don't do it...! Good luck whatever you choose...
  8. Do it... That was the first reconfig I did... a hard reset will reinstall it if you feel you need it again... a 14 day trial version of Sunnysoft Backup Manager is available also if you need that: http://www.sunnysoft.com/en_clanek.php?clanekid=51
  9. Nope but I know a few females who wouldn't complain ;) sorry!
  10. Sorry... Orangecare?? This IS Orange we're talking about!
  11. I'll PM you with the cab as an attachment... if I can
  12. When I were a lad... (cue Hovis ad theme) we never had two pennys to rub together.. me mam gave us two empty baked bean cans and old piece of string.......... ;) Then when we left home we bought a NOKIA CITYMAN!!!!
  13. No Orange ROM upgrade as yet... but hey, when you take into consideration how long it took them to RELEASE the M5000...... you may as well experiment with the others!!! I have and have learned a lot through doing so.... if you read the instructions carefully you will be fine... and once you test different components you'll end up creating your own personalised ROM which is definitely better than whatever you expect from Orange! ;-)
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