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  1. Just installed this and have a problem linking Facebook profiles to contacts, the list is empty?
  2. Just came from HTC Hero to the Wildfire, is there no custom roms out yet? Missing a2sd :lol:
  3. Anyone else having problems with haptic feedback? Tried changing the setting in super user and in language and keyboard
  4. Same happened to me, had only upgarded to r4 a couple of days ago and had just finished getting it how I wanted it as well. Any advantages with upgrading the radio?
  5. Found the problem, Spare Parts setting for 'home, then sleep' does nothing so changed it to 'sleep'
  6. Pretty impressed with the new rom :lol: Anyone else having issues putting it to sleep? Usually I press the call end button and it will lock the screen and got to sleep but it is not doing this now.
  7. Ah just found that! Is there any way to have it auto resend once it gets a signal? Also don't think it is an issue with Handcent as this happens with the standard tool as well. Not sure about radio, will have to look into this
  8. Just got my HTC and have put the Modaco firmware on, such a good phone! How did I live before it!?! I am using Handcent for SMS and I have a problem sending messages when there is no signal, it will stay there with the rotating green circle even and does not resend when there is a signal. The only workaround I have found is to copy the message and paste it to send as a new message. It is not a problem with Handcent as the standard application does the same. Does anyone else have this problem?
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