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  1. anybody kindly fancy sending me this information? :roll: sorry ;)
  2. Thanks you guys finally got it working! ur life savers, i will display what i did. I used the reg editor to change the things to 1 and 40 or w/e. Then got the SPV SERVICES program. Installed the CAB on my phone and put the .dll file on there aswel. Then ran the SPVSERVICES application from my pc whilst the phone was connected. Clicked the sim unlock tool on the left hand side of the program, and followd the instructions and it worked ;)
  3. thanks mate, that helped, shame all my stuff got reset but well worth it.
  4. Hey, im new here, been on and off the site sinse ive had this phone. I will get straight to the problem because i doubt you want me babbling on about crap ;). Right, heres the thing NOTHING on my blooming phone works apart from being able to make calls and receive them. This is the Error i get when i try to access anything: Ive tried looking for some kind of system restore and ive also tried looking in the hand book for help, cant even find a telephone number. I may have been able to fix the problem if the phone would connect to activesync but sinse this errors happend it will only let it charge via USB. I hope someone can help, this phones only a couple of weeks old IF that! No doubt its probably my fault this has happened but still #-o. FINALLY, SORRY IF THERE HAS BEEN A TOPIC CONTAINING ANSWERS ALREADY MADE.
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