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  1. Many thanks Paul, this will ease the pain of custom ROM's before any RUU's are available.
  2. Apologies, I have got the numbers missed up, what I meant was What I need is either or or, although I think the later is dreaming a little ;) Sorry again for the mix up.
  3. My device came with 1.26.401.5 but I flashed a custom ROM pretty much straight away thinking there would be a T-MO RUU available but the only one I can find is 1.26.401.2 which will work with my T-MO One X but doesn't OTA update, so I can't get the 1.28 OTA.
  4. I wish it were that easy, unfortunately there is no T-Mobile UK 1.28 RUU at the moment, let alone a 1.29! But still doesn't help with the original debrand question (change CID). It look like we are going to have to wait for S-OFF to do it.
  5. The WWE and Euro RUU's won't flash on a carrier branded device due to the different CID and there is no 1.29 RUU for T-Mobile, infact there is not 1.28 RUU either, as it was an OTA.
  6. Basically until the One X is S-OFF the only way to unlock is via HTCDEV. Once (or if) we have S-OFF then a Revolutionary style option will be available which means you won't have to HTCDEV unlock.
  7. I started on 1.26.401.5 but have since flashed a custom ROM based on the latest 1.29 OTA. There is however still an issue of firmware not being updated by the custom ROMs, like HBOOT etc due to S-ON. Those RUU's are for versiom 1.26.401.2 which is the T-Mobile RUU that doesnt OTA update. The version that came on the handset originally is 1.26.401.5 which will automatically update OTA (including your firmware, etc) P.S. Apologies for the delay in response, for some reason I haven't received any notifications for the thread. Thanks Guy
  8. Turns out its my fault, I was trying using Windows Server 2003 and Windows 8, neither of which worked. I fired up a Windows 7 virtual machine and now it works as expected. Thanks
  9. I've installed the HTC drivers for my new One X but no matter what I do the computer won't recognise the phone when USB debugging is enabled. The same can be said when the phone is in recovery / fastboot. Can anyone shed any light please? Thanks
  10. I picked up a One X on T-Mobile yesterday and noticed the ROM is already out of date compared with the official HTC release. Is it possible to debrand it and get it back on the HTC track? Thanks
  11. Using Mikes Android Revolution 6.0.3 (ICS 4.0.3 / Sense 3.5), its pretty standard but so silky smooth and stable.
  12. So the question is then, when will the retail Sensation ship with S=OFF? Thanks
  13. The beauty of not upgrading your phone is that you will be placed on a month by month contract so your not tied in until you find the phone you want. There is no real 'groundbreaking' upgrade from the Desire; the Desire HD has a bigger screen at the expense of battery life, the Desire Z is thicker and not everyone wants a keyboard, the Nexus S doesnt some with HTC Sense ;) I'm too looking at the Motorola Attrix but I would certainly suggest you hang fire for MWC next month. Thanks
  14. Love TweetDeck and use it as my primary Twitter application. The contact integration is what I am most interested in, the Sense linking of facebook contacts is far better than facebooks own application. Never tried Dialer One although, I will be sure to do so when I can no longer resist the temptation of a gingerbread ROM. Thanks
  15. I really want to try a Gingerbread ROM but can't live without Sense purely for the social network integration and dialer. I actually don't use the launcher or widgets of sense instead opting for Beautiful Widgets and Launcher Pro. Any devs out there fancy building a Sense'd Gingerbread ROM. Thanks
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